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Boomer Places has added several new pages that you have not seen here; so I wanted to let you know where to find them. They are permanent pages about Boomer Blogs, Fun Things for Boomers to Do, Boomer Cruises, Grocery Store Senior Discounts, Fall Prevention Tips, and the SilverSneakers program under Medicare.

boomer resourcesBoomer Places has added several new pages that you have not seen here before, that are great resources for baby boomers; so I wanted to let you know where to find them.  They are permanent pages about Boomer Blogs, about topics ranging from Fun Things for Boomers to Do, Boomer Cruises, Cruise planning, Grocery Store Senior Discounts, Fall Prevention Tips, and the SilverSneakers program under Medicare which provides a great benefit you should look into if you receive Medicare benefits.

So where do you do you find these pages you ask.  Many of the tabs on the top of this page have pages under them.  If you put your cursor over one of the tabs you will see a drop down menu displayed listing the pages under that tab.  The tab itself takes you to a page and if there is a menu dropping down then there are more than one pages.

Under the Boomer Boomer Blog tab, we Boomer Travel Blogs are some of the best travel blogs  out there.  Boomers lover to travel and to write about their travels.

Under the Entertainment tab, we have 25 Fun Things for Baby Boomers to Do has some interesting and entertaining ideas for boomers.

Under the Boomer Medicare tab, we have a page explaining the SilverSneakers program.

Under the Boomer Travel, we have both a Boomer Cruises page and then a British Isles Cruise Planning page to show how a cruise is planned.

Under the Boomer/Senior Discounts tab we have a Grocery Store Senior Discounts page and Age 55+ Perks page.

Under the Boomers Health Issues tab we have a page for 6 Tips Boomers Need for Slips and Fall Prevention.

Remember each tab itself is a page also.  So now you know, please take a look.

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Baby Boomer News

Taking a survey of the news about Baby Boomers, these items come up:

  • The Millennial Generation (born 1980-2000) is overtaking the Baby Boomer Generation (born 1946-1964).  Overtaking in total numbers of people, that is. Millennials get married later and they expect up to 25% will never get married. Millennials are more diverse (non white) than Boomers. Millennials are more picky about their jobs than Boomers were this article says (Yep). Full article here.

    Comment: Well this is no surprise but things will be a little different every year for the next two decades.

  • Will this election (Trump vs Clinton) be the last time Boomer dominate the presidential election. More non Boomers are eligible to vote. More here.

    Comment: Will we have a movie actor or TV reality star running for president in the future? Wait, that’s already happened!)

  • Still a lot of anti Baby Boomer articles I see. Titles like: Who Destroyed the Economy: The Case Against the Baby Boomers and Boomers Are the Zombie Invasion We Feared in the Washington Post, which seems to have the most negative stories about Boomers.

    Comment: These stories don’t make me mad. They are kind of amusing.

  • “The ‘Next Adventure Home’ targets Baby Boomer design preferences” says a focus group is studying what Boomers age 55+ want in a home and community. According to the study, Boomers value amenities such as walking trails and pools when moving to a new community, as well as proximity to shopping, dining and other entertainment. In the house itself, Boomers want plenty of space, including large common rooms with open floor plans and high ceilings. Respondents also said they value natural light, native plants, ample storage space and energy-efficient technology.
    Comment: I don’t see too much news in this study. Welcome to the world of Del Webb Communities.

    Nothing too surprising about us Baby Boomers in the news today.  We just don’t want to be hassled.  -Robert

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Baby Boomers Definition

Baby Boomers Definition

The Baby Boomer generation is the largest generation this nation has ever seen. We Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, with the “boom” beginning right after World War II came to an end. Whether it was American families’ need for normalcy and life after the death and deprivation of the war years, or a national desire to fight communism – by sheer numbers – instilled by Cold War propaganda, the trend was obvious: more babies were born in the U.S. in 1946 – and for 18 years after that — than in any year since our nation’s inception (over 3.4 million). In fact, in the “baby boom” years, it is estimated that over 77,000,000 U.S. infants were born.

The Baby Boom was also an economic boom, as all the growing families created a much higher demand for consumer goods. It also changed the face of the real estate market, as the “suburban boom” paralleled the baby boom. Baby boomers’ parents – and then our own families as we married and had children of our own – moved into suburban developments in droves.

As kids, we boomers were the first generation to be overtly targeted en masse by marketers. Consumer crazes – “fads” – swept the nation, such as Frisbees, Barbies, Coonskin caps and Mickey Mouse Club mania. Life Magazine once called the Boomer generation a “built-in recession cure.” Consumerism and materialism became the norm.

Boomers Peace Sign
Boomers Peace Sign

As teens, and in our college years, many of us resisted this 1950s-style suburbanite culture, leading the fight for social equality and civil rights for minority populations. We were the generation of student activism, anti-war demonstrations, sit-ins, feminism, and (unfortunately) riots in some of the big cities in the ‘60s. We were also the generation of the “hippies,” who dropped out, listened to some of the best bands in the history of rock, experimented with mind-altering substances, and practiced “free love,” far from the mores of our “square” parents.

Baby Boomers now are just easing into the retirement years, with the oldest Boomers already in their mid-60s. Despite such negative experiences as Vietnam, race riots, and recessions, we have, in general, been a fortunate generation of Americans. We have had more educational, financial, and social opportunities than any generation before us, and have grown up and raised our families during decades of optimism, exploration, and achievement.

Most of us boomers are exciting about this next chapter of our lives and are sure to keep it interesting and leave our stamp on it as we have done throughout our history.

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Baby Boomer News – Issue 3

Baby Boomer NewsContinuing the Baby Boomer News for this edition, I scanned the baby boomer headlines for this week for interesting stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and also boomer trends. I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself. So here is a quick look at news affecting baby boomers.

Names for Grandparents

This story is all over the Internet, probably because it is from USA Today but it seems some baby boomers may want to be called something else besides the tradition grandparent names like Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Bubbe, or Papa. These boomers want to be called something that won’t be construed as feeling older. Gigi and Mimi are popular. Many boomers choose a more unique name. Source: Story

Boomer Travel Trend: Taking Extended Holidays

It seems baby boomers are traveling more before retiring by taking extended holidays sometimes leaving on flights with no return date booked.  They are doing it because they can and while they can. This verifies my observations that travel by boomers is on the upswing. Source: Story

road tripsBoomers Taking More Frequent Shorter Trips

According to this based on a AARP survey (AARP Travel) baby boomers are taking more frequent and shorter domestic road trips rather than longer International trips.  The boomers leave behind their children and grandchildren and head out with little short term planning. They spend $3000 per year on travel on average. Nine Great Summer Road Trips by AARP and Retirement Travel: Road Trips

Well this boomers taking short trips clashes with the story right above this one doesn’t it.  I personally think both types of boomer travel may be in an upswing.  Source: Story

Wall Street Looks to Aging Boomers

Wall Street is looking to the aging baby boomers as an investment theme. Boomers they say are starting to put their feet up, buy investment properties, get more diseases, lose some of their eyesight and draw on government assistance. So they say put your money into Healthcare, medical science and services for aging boomers.  Source: Story

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Not Making the Cut
The rift between Baby Boomer Generation and other generations.
Testing for Hepatitis C – has been covered.

Baby Boomer News – Issue 2

Baby Boomer NewsContinuing the Baby Boomer News for the second edition, I scanned the baby boomer headlines for this week for interesting stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and boomer trends.  I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself. So here is a quick look at news affecting baby boomers.

House Sharing for Boomer Women – this little trend must have legs as I have seen several articles about it and it is one that may gain traction in the immediate future.  Females house sharing or co-housing if that is the term to save money and for socialization.
Source: Story

How the Health Care Law Affects Retirees – I have had a couple of people ask me this question so here is the answer thanks to Robert Powell who usually gives good information.  There is a limit age adjustments for premiums for people approaching age 65 but still on a individual policy.  The other items is the reduction of the donut hole in the Part D Drug prescriptions.  Source: Story

Boomers Love Cruising – Sorry this is not a boomer news story, but maybe should be one. Just my observation but have you notice how many older boomers are taking cruise this year.  I know over about 10 of our friends who took a cruise this year, many of them International (I was going to say overseas, but I guess most of them are overseas :)) Resources: Boomer Cruises and Travel Bloggers

Interesting Boomer Generation Fast Facts – Boomercafe presents this info developed by CNN.  Look at the number of births per year starting in 1946 when an average of 6.5 babies were born every hour in the US, yikes! Other interesting facts.  Two thirds of all seniors age 65 and over have at least one chronic disease.  Source: Story

Vinyl Albums Making a Comeback – In the you gotta be kidding department, this article  in the Boston Globe says vinyl albums like we used to have are make a comeback enough that Sony and others are starting to make the old fashioned turntables again.  The modern turntables will have USB ports so you can make a digital copy of your old LP.  They have high quality mini speakers built into the new turntables.  My wife has stacks of old albums; maybe I will give these a try.  Source: Story

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Not Making the Cut
JFK Assassination – this story was old two week ago.
Millenniums versus the baby boomers – someone always stirring the pot on that one.

Baby Boomer News

Baby Boomer News

I scan the headlines for interesting baby boomer news stories. I like the ones with news about baby boomer generation’s current lives and of course what is directly ahead for us.  I say for us because I am age 65 and one of the older boomers myself.

50 Years Since JFK Assination
Well that is a milestone.  Everyone in our generation probably still remembers what they were doing when they heard the news. I was in the 9th grade and heard it from the announcement over the school’s PA system.  It was certainly a shock. Everyone was depressed by this event, adults and children.  They claim it was the “loss of innocence” and maybe it was. Source: Various.

Despite Projection, Restaurant Visits By Baby Boomer Has Grown
Well yes. Did they think we would be eating dog food by now? So visits by boomers has grown but visits by younger generations have declined. My take would be that the boomers have the money to eat out while families with children and getting started in life would have less discretionary income. To me this is not a shock. Source: Story.

 5 Ways Baby Boomers Can Bring Joy Back Into Exercise Through Child’s Play
danceThis was actually an interesting blog post.  The first item list is Dance and having taken two kinds of dance classes last week, I agree, maybe.  I took Shag lessons and they are great fun but almost no exercise.  On the other hand I took a Swing dance lesson with SilverSneakers and got great exercise. So it depends.  Swimming. Safe and low impact and most certainly popular with baby boomers.  I will pass on the remaining three: Roller Skating, Jump Rope and Holla Hooping.  Really?  But you don’t need all of these, just one will do fine. Source: Story

Top Technologies for Baby Boomer Drivers
This was by the MIT Age Lab for whom I am a fan. Blind spot warning systems warns drivers of objects in blind spots, especially while changing lanes and parking. Lord knows we need this. Smart headlights to reduce glare and improve night vision is also a winner. Assistive parking systems makes parking easier by indicating distance to objects and certainly that one is need also. Read about the others in the Story.

The CDC Says You Baby Boomers Should Get Tested For Hepatitis C
Why is it important to get tested for Hepatitis C?
• Millions of Americans have Hepatitis C, but most don’t know it.
• About 8 in 10 people who get infected with Hepatitis C develop a chronic, or lifelong, infection.
• People with Hepatitis C often have no symptoms. Many people can live with an infection for decades without feeling sick.
• Hepatitis C is a leading cause of liver cancer and the leading cause of liver transplants.
• New treatments are available for Hepatitis C that can get rid of the virus. Story.

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Headlines I saw that are not news to me

  • Aging Baby Boomers to Delay Retirement Plans (Been hearing this at least for 5 years)
  • Baby Boomers Generally Oppose Changing the Rules for Social Security (Oh I wonder why)
  • Most Boomers Want to Age at Home (Well, yes.)