Boomers And Our Pet Friends: Who Has The Better Life?

Working Boomer and her dog Sweetie are the comparison of the benefits of pet ownership for boomers, although at times it appears the pet has a better life!

By now most of you know that I love my elderly Westie dog named Sweetie.  It is early and she is still resting in my bed.  It will not be long until she will want to go outside. Of course I will be there to attend to her.  As I drink my morning coffee, I am thinking about how many things that we have in common.  If you have a pet, I am sure you will be able to relate with me.  Excuse me, Sweetie is up and scratching at the door for potty time so I will be back in a bit to finish this blog.  Duty calls!  That was cute!  She sat up on her hind legs and begged for outside potty time.  I am really glad I do not have to do that to use the bathroom.  There is a positive side to every situation.  Now on with my writing.

  1. I go to work on the night shift while Sweetie hangs out at home and sleeps.  Then she sleeps some more in the day time while I sleep.  Sweetie gets lots of rest and I get very little.
  2. When I sit down at my meals, Sweetie eats her dog food.  Also she has it prepared for her during other times of the day.  If I get a cool drink, I give her fresh water.  She is always grateful but thus far she has not fixed me any meals or a drink.
  3. Once a month I take the rent check to the property owners.  Sweetie waits patiently until I return and wags her tail.  It would be nice to have my rent paid by her but since she doesn’t have to work that won’t be happening.
  4. More often than not, she goes to the groomers for her pretty hair do.  I pay the bill.  If at all possible, I go to the beauty shop a few times a year. I pay my own bill.  I always tell Sweetie how pretty she looks when I pick her up from the groomers.  She wags her tail when I come home from the beauty salon.  Whether it is the beauty salon or the groomers, I still end up broke.
  5. Last week, I noticed Sweetie scratching a lot.  She has allergies.  If a little bug bites her then she gets to go to the vet for medicine.  If necessary, she has to wear one of those neck collars so that she does not scratch and infect the area where she was bitten.  I have allergies too.  My doctor prescribed some ointment for a rash that I contacted on my leg.  I will let you guess which one of us had the higher medical bill.  At least, I did not have to wear a collar around my neck.
  6. Sweetie and I both have arthritis.  Daily, I give her a nice massage.  Daily I dream about a nice massage for me.  Go figure!  I take an aspirin.  It’s cheaper.  Of course thought, Sweetie is my walking partner.  Exercise is good for both of us as we age.
  7. This week was carpet cleaning week.  Sweetie received a nice new pillow to lay on from the pet store.  I paid for the pillow plus the carpet cleaning.  I also purchased a nice new rug for feet wiping and placed it at the door.  You guessed it.  It rained.  Sweetie has not learned to wipe her fours doggy paws yet but I helped her out with a towel.  While doing that my wet shoes landed on the nice clean carpet.  I guess I will have to be more careful next time.

Sweetie likes to sleep in my bed.  Now that she is older, she spreads out, snores and sometimes even kicks me during her sleep.  I heard a Grrrr one night when I moved her.  Elderly dogs get cranky at times when disturbed.  She loves to listen to my night time meditation music.  It puts her right to sleep.  She gets totally relaxed without a care in the world.  Now I wonder, “Who has the better life.”

It really does not matter who has the better life.  Sweetie is my best friend.  She loves me unconditionally and senses when I need a little extra attention.  She teaches me to play and helps me to smile.  If there is a sad time, Sweetie is right there beside me to hold and love on.  She jumps for joy when I get home from a tiring night and greets me at the door with lots of doggy kisses.  She accepts me just like I am even when my mood might be a little cranky.  There are times that a single boomer feels loneliness.  Sweetie is excellent therapy during those times.  She helps lift my spirits.  She never gossips about me and is a loyal caring friend.  I love her and the joy that she brings into my life.  It does not matter who has a better life.  It all evens out in the end.  I take good care of Sweetie and she provides the entertainment, company and love in our home when I need it.  She makes a good companion.  She  is never jealous of my human friends.  No, Sweetie can not replace the love that two humans have together during their boomer years, but she does her best.  Therefore if you have a partner or a pet appreciate the love they give.  You have a good friend.  Just enjoy the good times.  It does not matter who has the better life.  Life is a mixture of joys and pleasures so smile, give and nurture it while you can.

Please leave me a comment about your pet friend and the life you have with them.

Originally posted 2011-11-12 15:00:51.