Boomers Turn Age 70

We baby boomers are turning age 70!! Can you believe it?

Boomers have never been this old. How do you act when you are 70?  I submit, just like we did in our 60’s.  No, not the 1960’s, even though I think that would be fun. Nothing has really changed by turning 70, right?

Well yes, a few things are changing. Not over night, but there are signs.

If you have delayed taking your social security, now finally you get to take your full social security check that has been growing.  We thought this day would never come.  Wow, that is going to be nice and well needed for many of us.

Also at age 70 1/2 we must take our RMD, required minimum distributions from our IRA’s.

So we start drawing our social security benefit and we must start taking annual distributions from our IRAs almost at the same time.  Well I think most of us at age 70 are ready for both and have no disagreements with those requirements.

Many boomers vowed never to retire or they couldn’t retire. Guess what, many were forced into retirement because of health reasons or maybe a job layoff.

If you retired in your 60s, then most likely you are now comfortable with your retirement. You have a comfortable routine and do the things you would like to do with your time. Many boomers that are retired, love spending time with their grand children. Some even move across the country to be closer to them.

Around this time (age 70) we or our spouses are dealing with some critical illnesses of some sort, be it diabetes, a stroke, heart attack, mobility problems etc. and we are most likely making room on our schedules for doctor visits.

Most likely a few of our friends have dementia problems starting or maybe advanced. We have two close friends in that boat.

A friend or two most likely has already lost their long time spouse to death.

More than a few of our high school or college school mates have died.

We spend some time on our medicare insurance don’t we.  Donut holes and open enrollments we know well.

Having been involved in recent years with a senior center and now living in a Del Webb Active Adult Community, I have a lot of friends that are in their 70s, thus are older than us older boomers.  Encouragingly lots of them are active, like to travel, have sharp minds and love to socialize.

We will be travelling through out our 70’s and dare I say 80’s. If we have the means, we don’t mind spending it on travel.


Some take up senior games and become senior athletes.

I have noticed now we don’t even mind being called a senior, even though we still don’t refer to ourselves with that title. We don’t mind the senior discounts, do we.

So another chapter in our lives is unfolding and for the most part we seem to be adjusting quite well.

So we have a lot to look forward to. Some of us are moving to active adult communities, or small towns or even to the city for retirement.

The future is not bleak as long as you have a positive attitude, your health and get out and participate in some activities with folks you like.

Even when you have some health problems, a can do positive attitude sure can go a long ways overcoming those obstacles.

They say at age 70 we only have 15 more years to live, on average. Let’s make the most of it.

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Expectations of Your Boomer Retirement

Baby Boomers have expectations of their retirement – but will they be enough to keep them engaged and satisfied with their retirement.

Everyone dreams of retirement and this helps to set the image of what your retirement will be like or could be.  This image is usually positive and worth looking forward to.  You can’t wait for retirement to start so you can live your dreams.

Your retirement dream may include moving to a 55+ community and playing golf every day, traveling, cruising around the world, enjoying friends and family, or getting a part time job.

When retirement finally arrives will it be like your dreams and will that keep you engaged and satisfied in living the retirement life you expected.

Some people after a taking the cruise and doing some golfing are then ready to go back to work.  Is this all there is.  I always feel sorry for these people, not because they like work, but because they do not see the possibilities of retirement beyond those pre-retirement dreams.  They do not  find their way past their fixed image of what their retirement should be and find new activities to fulfill what their job provided.

Most of the time these people do not know how to spend their time in retirement to give them meaning and fulfillment and even some structure.  Here are some new activities that will expand  your horizons beyond any previous expectations. These may surprise you but I encourage you to look into each. Some resources are listed at the end of this post.

1. Learning – gives you something to look forward, is fun and satisfying.  So many opportunities to learn are all around us to continue our personal growth.

2. Serving – helps you stay engaged and has multiple rewards. Volunteering and mentoring are but two of the favorites but many more ways of serving are available in organized and individual ways.

These will help in redefining your retirement, but if you still want to go back to work, start an encore career where you can apply your skills to something you are passionate about and maybe combines both learning and serving.

Adult Learning Centers
Make the Most of Your After 50 Years by Nancy Merz Nordstrom
Retirement Media on Facebook
Purpose in Retirement

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WorkingBoomer Tries To Collect Social Security Benefits

This is probably old hat to some of you but I just need to share my experience that I had this morning.  Since I turned 62 yrs. old a week or so ago, I thought I had better pay a visit to my local social security office to ask a few questions.  Now I had researched most of my questions and had answers but wanted to sit down with a nice, understanding Social security person to make sure that I had my information correct.

Luckily the social security office was just a few blocks from me so I figured this would not take long for my only day off from work.  First I checked my purse to make sure that my s.s. card was there.  You guessed it.  Missing it was.  After a good half hour of searching with my heart pumping and face sweating I found it in another purse.  Down the road I went.

The building was very nice and I entered the door.  Right there sat a security guard ready to assist me.  He wanted to know why I was there and did I have an appointment.  I looked around the room which was full and said, “No, I don’t have an appointment so I am willing to make one and come back when it is less busy.”  His reply, “This is less busy and even if you make an appointment you would still have to take a number and wait.”  Now let me ask you folks, “Does this make good sense?”  So I explained why I was there and decided to wait.

Now the Dude said he needed to check my purse for gun, knives and etc. so I handed him my fanny pack and let him rumble around in my stuff.  He then handed me a number and told me to write my s.s. # on the small piece of paper. After that he let me know that I had some white stuff on my face near my ear and that I might want to go to the ladies room to get it off. Now this was a little embarrassing and it turned out to be just a little bit of dry soap.  I sure was glad that the ladies room was close by.  Then he told me to have a seat. There was one seat left which was on the front row right in front of the large overhead movie screen and the s.s. information pamphlets.  Now I noticed that all the info. on the walls, the screen and pamphlets also came in Spanish.  I thought that was nice but I didn’t see any Spanish speaking folks in there.

I decided that I would read some of the pamphlets while I waited.  Most of the information I knew about from looking it up on the computer.  Then I saw the one question that I was not sure about. The answer still was not clear to me so I book marked that page so I would be ready when my name was called.

Number 21, number 21, I heard.  “That’s me!” I thought.  Up to the window I went to meet a nice friendly looking Spanish fella that I thought was going to let me into the back to an office.  With my rear end hanging out his cube type window, I had to lean in to hear him speak.  Again he asked me the same question as the guard.  I explained again that I just wanted to sit down and review a few questions with them.  Now it did not appear that I was going into the back area nor was I going to be sitting down.

He then wanted my mother’s maiden name, my birthday, my father’s full name, and an ID to verify that I was me.  I was a bit surprised that he didn’t want my s.s. card.  Now for the question asking.  I let him know my salary and asked if I took s.s. early how would the taxes be calculated.  He assured me there would be no taxes.  So I knew right then and there that this trip was going to go no where.  I opened the pamphlet and showed him the paragraph that states how much taxes would have to be paid if a person makes over the $14,500 per yr. amt.  I just wanted an estimated dollar amt.  He took the pamphlet and read it then he said excuse me I will be back and left.

There I stood still at the window like a fool and the room was becoming more and more packed.  The guard was behind me still checking for knives, guns and etc.  Finally my man returned with some GREAT INFORMATION.  He said I was right and I would need to check that all out with my tax man.  Now I was still determined to get in that back room and sit down with someone.  You guessed it.  I failed again.  The guy told me when I was ready to file just come back, make an appointment and fill out the papers.

Needless to say, I went out to my car and started laughing.  I am grateful for my sense of humor.  So to sum this up for you folks I will list a few things here for you to do when visiting the Social Security office to check on or apply for your benefits:

  1. Do not bother going at all if you are computer smart and have a printer.
  2. Forget the question asking, just read while sitting in a comfortable seat at your house.
  3. Ask your tax man the questions that you need to know if you are still employed.  Don’t bother those folks at the social security office.
  4. Only and again I say only, when you are ready to retire and draw, then get down to the paper filling out and visit them if you want.  Maybe you will get a nice seat in the back. Then you might  get passed security and the front desk guy.
  5. If you are a man leave your pocket knife at home.  Now I think we all know not to take any guns.
  6. Ladies make sure that you do not have articles in your purse that you don’t want the guards hands all over.
  7. Take a second look at your face before leaving the house to make sure it is nice and clean.
  8. If you wear glasses take them with you because most of the answers to any questions are in the pamphlets and you will definitely have plenty of TIME to read even if you made an appointment.
  9. The waiting room chairs are very close together so try to get an end seat if at all possible.
  10. Since I heard one guy tell his wife that he had not taken his anxiety medicine that morning, I will remind you to take your blood pressure meds, anxiety meds, and happy pills before leaving your house.
  11. Read up first – Understanding Social Security

All in all just forget the entire thing until you know that you are absolutely ready to retire.  Save all the money that you can before then.  After all who knows where social security will be when you are actually ready.  Then if there is someone else that has already endured this experience, ask for advice before making a trip to the social security office.

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Retirement Home Purchase And A Tree Fetish

If you are considering purchasing your retirement home, make sure you check out the trees that are in the yard. Here’s why.


There are many things to consider when a person purchases a home for their retirement days.  So far, I think that it is best for me to retire in a senior apartment.  Now that I am divorced, I really do not want the responsibility that goes along with home ownership.  Of course if I found a small house, I would be willing to rent a retirement home.  When I was younger, I had the pleasure of owning several houses.  All of them had beautiful trees in the yard.  I have a tree fetish.   Something about trees fascinates me.  My tree fetish came with a price.

One house that I owned had beautiful large trees in the backyard.  It reminded me of being in a forest.   When fall came the leaves turned beautiful colors but fell off the trees. I did not have one of those munchers, just a hand held rake.  For days I worked and worked.  I swept the leaves up and put them in plastic bags.  The city would not take them away unless they were in paper bags.  I came up with a bright idea just to throw the bags in the old shed out back.  Then summer arrived.  The lawn mower was in the shed.  When I opened the door, I was met by hornets.  They chased me into the house.  Lucky for me, I had a friend that was not afraid to get my lawn mower out of the shed.  By winter the huge hornet nest had frozen.  It captivated one guy that I called who collected hornet nests.  It was so big and a great find for him.  He removed it when the weather got real cold.  Yes, hornets like leaves but not cold weather.

Then spring came again.  I had saved all my pennies for a weekend get away.  When I returned home, I found one of the huge tree limbs laying on my neighbor’s garage roof.  My home owners insurance did not cover so that was another expense.  Later the trees needed trimming.  Some of the branches had died.  The estimates were over $3,000 and my back account said $300.  In addition, the trees had poison ivory growing in them.  Lucky for me again!  I found a couple of guys that needed some bucks and they cut me a deal to do the trimming.

Then the day came that I wanted to build a deck.  Yes, you guessed it!  One of the trees had to be cut down because it was too close to the house. The estimates to have the tree removed were more than the estimate to build the deck.  Lucky for me though, I found the same guys needing a few bucks.  This time though they did not haul the trees away.  The city inspector was not pleased and I got a citation.  Now I had to dish out another $1,000 for tree removal.  Slowly, though I was loosing my tree fetish.

Actually I did loose my fetish when buying my next house.  There were no trees in the back.  It wasn’t long until I missed the good old shade trees.  My friend and I found a lovely house with many trees. She had a DISLIKE for gum balls which grow on Sweet gum trees.  She had fought the gum balls at her last residence.  The more she sweep up and put in trash cans the more that fell.  It is unreal how may gum balls that can fall from a sweet gum tree.

You guessed it.  The new house had sweet gum trees.  When it rained the balls fell. It sounded like hail hitting the roof.  that really makes for poor sleeping.  Brody, my dog could be heard howling when he stepped on the gum balls.  They hurt his feet.  Also it was not pleasant when I stepped on them either.  One’s ankle can twist and cause a serious accident.  When sitting out on the deck it was almost necessary to wear a helmet to protect one’s head from falling gum balls.  Needless to say, once again the trees had to come down.  Not only was this a sad day because of the lack of shade, there were no guys that needed a few bucks.  Oh my, tree removal is expensive.

So if you live in a small town or a city and are considering purchasing your retirement home, make sure you check out the trees that are in the yard.  A sweet gum tree is great if there is a large yard and the tree is not growing near the house.  Also, remember there are pine cones on pine trees.  They make great decoration during the holiday season but you may not want a yard full of pine cones.  There is a lot to look at and consider when buying a retirement home.  Make your expense list and take it from me.  IF YOU HAVE A TREE FETISH MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALLOW A GOOD SIZE PORTION OF MONEY ON THE BUDGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR TREES.

Happy retirement home hunting!  Make it fun!  Enjoy the journey and make it the place of your dreams!  Actually, a nice palm tree in one of those 55 communities in Florida is sounding real nice to me!  🙂

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Taking Baby Steps Toward Retirement

Here are some baby steps to take to continue to pace yourself toward your retirement years.

Steps Towards Retirement

When I first starting blogging I had high hopes for my retirement years.  Like many boomers I have had to make adjustments. Goals must be realistic and obtainable.  The past is the past, the moment is now and the future is not here yet.  Some boomers prospered in the past.  Their retirement is somewhat secure.  Then there are those of us that have found that not to be so.  I have looked at my wants and my needs.  It is not too late!  It is a challenge. First and far most keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing that one can do.  As I do this, I find that smaller might even be better. Each day brings something new and different.  Remember the tortoise that won the race.  Then how about the little caboose that said, “I think I can, I think I can.”  They both did!   Here are some baby steps that I have taken in the past three years.  Hopefully you will be encouraged to continue to pace yourself with steps toward your retirement years.

  • I searched for a new job with health care benefits.  I took in account that my new job must be one that I could perform as I aged.  Since my savings were gone, I needed something that could also enable me to make a living.  I also needed a job that offered a pension plan.  I found it!  The area where I was living was not very safe nor did it offer much job opportunity.  I moved to another state.  With luck, I found an apartment that was less expensive than the area that I left.  In addition, the area where I now live in is safer, has more job opportunities and resources for seniors.
  • I then set goals for becoming debt free. This meant sacrificing a lot of things like vacations, shopping sprees, credit card spending, and buying things that were not an absolute need.  It meant sticking to a budget.  Three years later, I am happy to say that within two months this goal should be completed.  It has not been easy but WELL WORTH IT!  With a do not quit attitude, over coming obstacles and making changes I am getting there.
  • I use the Internet to explore options. has given me different resources for places to live.  The information that I am gaining from the web has given me ideas to further my search for retirement housing types and places to live as I age.
  • I joined in with social media. I use twitter and facebook.  By doing this I keep up on health care changes, options for seniors and many other things that I need to know.
  • Thanks to, I have checked out the senior center in my area.   Now I am in tune with what is offered in my community.
  • Skilled nursing can be an issue for seniors.  Therefore, I have begun to get quotes for long term care insurance.  Now I am researching skilled nursing facilities.
  • In my space time, I have learned to make a few extra bucks using my computer at home.
  • Shopping, the community college, post office, service station, and health care needs are within minutes from my apartment.  This is essential as I grow older.  If I should relocate this will still be a top priority along with cost.
  • I now use the library, not only for learning but for fun.

These are only a few of the baby steps that I have been taking toward retirement in the past three years.  It has not been a straight path.  There has been many obstacles but I persevere.  I am taking action, being accountable for my actions and persevering just as you are doing.  Times may be changing but boomers are changing too!  Stand up!  Strut your stuff!  We CAN do it?  Take those steps!  Even baby steps will get there.

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A WorkingBoomer’s Baby Boomer Dream

Retirement dreams can changes. Working Boomer shares her dream for this year.

Martin Luther King, said many years ago, “I have a dream.”  At the age of 63 and a member of the baby boomer generation, I have a dream.  It may come true or it may not.  That is how dreams work.  In the sixty three years of my life, as it has been in the lives of all baby boomers, we have had many dreams.  Some of us dreamed up retirement and living the life of luxury.  Others dreamed of good health, close families, love, security, wealth, and all that the outside world has to offer.  Many have dreamed of world peace or a way out of poverty.  Homeless children have dreamed of a loving family.  The  elderly  have dreamed of an escape from loneliness and a caring hand or touch.  Business owners have dreamed of prosperity.  Then there are those with mental illness in nursing homes, hospitals and institutions that may have lost their ability to dream. There are baby boomers and youth that are dreaming of a job soon to come.  There are those looking for ways to get a good education and are holding onto the dream of success someday.  Scientist are looking for a cure for aging, cancer, global warming, and more ways to conserve energy.  The dreams go on.

A dream must be accompanied by hope.  Words of encouragement are important.  They can be found in books.  Words can be spoken by each of us or written in some form.  Actions can be seen.  We all, no matter what our circumstance, have something that we can give.  There may be times that our thinking may get a little off track.  You can inspire another by reaching out and listening or just giving a word of encouragement.

Last year I dreamed of retirement and living the easy life.  Dreams can change as our circumstances change.  This year, I have a new dream.  It may or may not come true but I have hope.  I would like to live and work in a senior facility helping the elderly.  I would like to watch them smile, listen to their stories, and give them encouragement during their final days.  I would like to give them a hug and allow them to hug me back.

Is it too late?  I think not.  It is never too late if you have HOPE!   I will always believe, and that is a choice, that Love is stronger than fear! As Martin Luther King said way back during the beginning of the baby boomer generation, ” I have a dream!”  Times may be different but with hope we have the ability to make our dreams or someone else’s a reality. I encourage each of you to not turn loose of your dreams.  Put action with your words, share your experience, strength and hope and make a dream come true.  After looking deep into your heart, take a moment and share with us all your very special dream.  Yes, baby boomers, we are aging but we still have the ability to dream and touch the lives of others in a positive way.

May each of you experience a special dream that comes true in your life during the year of 2012. Peace and love be with you as we continue in our baby boomer retirement age years.

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