The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show Feb 9, 1964

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

On February 9, 1964 my wife Mary Ann washed her hair late Sunday PM so that she wouldn’t have to go to church. The reason?  To stay home and watch The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show along with 73 million other people.  She took these photos that she still has. There are like 30 photos and the cost to process was $1.03. The photos held up well. Enjoy!

photo of George Harrison on Ed Sullivan
Mary Ann’s favorite George Harrison


the beatles on the ed sullivan show
The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
Paul McCartney on ed sullivan
Dreamy eyes Paul McCartney


John Lennon photo Ed Sullivan
John: Sorry Girls, He’s Married


Ringo Starr on the Ed Sullivan Show
Ringo Starr
John Lennon on Ed Sullivan
John Lennon




Photo package. $1.03 to process 30 photos


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Opinions Are Like …

The Working Boomer knows everyone has their own opinion and urges Boomers to speak out and strive to make the world a better place.

I am a free spirit Baby Boomer.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is not.  Tonight I am trying to get some cleaning done on my day off but I have a deep urge to write.  The computer is drawing me back like a magnet so I have to just do it!  I HAVE to WRITE!

My oldest brother that has been deceased for many years said, ” Opinions are like a…  Everyone has one.”  He was a great person in his later years and everyone loved him.  I will try to do a story on him at another time because he was a free spirit also and inspired me.  I found him in his many travels when I was 20 years old.  My life has changed and continues to change from that day forward.

My point here is just this.  We all have opinions.  Some are good and some are not.  We all are human.  We all make mistakes.  We all have the right to CHOOSE. Today my choice is to be the person that I am meant to be.  I am real.  I am alive.  I am who I am.  I can change.  I can have an opinion.  You can choose to agree or disagree.  You are you.  You are alive. you can change. You have the right to your opinion.  You fit in your own mold.  I fit in my mold.  Our differences make Us even stronger.  Thank God for a country where we can have the RIGHT  to SHARE our Opinions.

Now in conclusion I will just say, thank you to ALL that express your opinions, speak out and strive to make the world a better place in EVERYTHING YOU DO.  Now that I have written, I will be able to get back to some serious cleaning.  Keep smiling Folks.  Life is what WE  make it!

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The Positives Of Being a Single Woman At Boomer Age

Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to have that special someone but there are positives to being single so therefore I am going to list a few.
1. You don’t have to answer to anyone in your house but yourself.
2. You can take a nap and not be bothered.
3. If you don’t feel like cooking then the heck with it.
4. You don’t have to worry about the toilet seat being left up and falling in when you sit down.

When something is eating at me then I like to write about it.  In my Bio I wrote that I am 62, single and I like to work on having a positive attitude.  Lately something has been eating at me.  I look in the computer for deals, news, blogs and read a lot about couples.  Now I have been a couple and that is good.  I almost got to feeling sorry for myself but no way can I go there so I am turning this negative into a positive right here and now.  Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to have that special someone but there are positives to being single so therefore I am going to list a few.

  1. You don’t have to answer to anyone in your house but yourself.
  2. You can take a nap and not be bothered.
  3. If you don’t feel like cooking then the heck with it.
  4. You don’t have to worry about the toilet seat being left up and falling in when you sit down.
  5. The candy wrappers, empty soda cans and etc. on the coffee table are yours not HIS.
  6. The under wear in the laundry feels nicer.
  7. The thermostat can be set in your living area that is pleasing ONLY  to you.
  8. When you grab for your tooth brush it is yours not HIS shaving brush.
  9. Bathroom breaks can be taken as long as you need without someone standing outside of the door telling you to HURRY up.
  10. There is more space in your bedroom drawers for nice things like nail polish, makeup, jewelry, Ladies magazines and etc. etc. etc.
  11. T.V. watching can be fun without someone talking in your ear.
  12. If you do not like sports then you don’t have to worry about it being on every T.V. channel in the house on Sunday.
  13. You don’t have to be worried about not getting a special gift from HIM on your special day because there is no Him.
  14. You have the entire bed to yourself and can throw covers, pillows and etc. where ever you want instead of playing tug of war with the sheets.
  15. If you like sleeping with your favorite pet then there is always room for the pet to cuddle.
  16. You don’t have to worry about being told what to do when you already KNOW what you are going to do.
  17. You can take a shower in private without a HIM  trying to get in with you when your only thought is to get clean.
  18. The ice trays are always full in the refrigerator instead being empty.
  19. The dishes in the sink are YOURS not HIS  and HERS.
  20. There is much more room in the closet for all your shoes and nice out fits.
  21. Mud and oil stains are seen much less on your living room carpet.
  22. The bathroom smells like lavender not Old Spice and gym shoes.
  23. There is no argument about where or when to go on vacation.  You only have to be concerned about your schedule.
  24. The ice cream that you bought to eat is there when you want it instead of an empty carton.
  25. You can go to work in peace not having to worry about a phone call from HIM asking what YOU  are going to fix HIM  for supper.
  26. Bad breath in the early a.m. is not an issue.
  27. If you gain a few pounds no one knows but you if you dress correctly.
  28. If you have a one car garage then it is for YOUR  car only.
  29. You can read a book in bed at night with the light on without hearing a bunch of grumbling coming from a voice on the other side of the bed.
  30. If you goof up on something at home it is your secret unless you choose to tell.

I am really getting carried away here folks but it sure helped to write these positives down.  Now I can lay down, take a little nap in peace before getting ready for work.  When I get up I don’t have to be concerned about the living room being in a mess again or the sink filled back up with dishes.

Thanks for letting me vent, You FOLKS  are Wonderful!

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Working Boomer Refuses To Have Writers Block

Working Boomer was burning up the Boomer Places blog with her Boomer postings. Then experienced writers blog. But she remembered “SUIT UP AND SHOW UP”. The curse has been broken.

In the passed few weeks this Working Boomer has dealt with two snow storms, oral surgery and whatever else life had to offer.  I thought to myself, “Oh, what is wrong with me, I need to write but can’t think of a subject.  I haven’t been on an exotic vacation to Africa or won a million dollars in the lottery so what can I write about?  Maybe I had  developed a condition that I named writers block therefore I looked writers block up in the computer.  Well dog gone, I saw that condition already existed so I began to read.

In one place it explained that one could have this due to anxiety.  In another place it said that I needed to be inspired.  Then there was the place that said I needed to have good content when writing so that folks would not loose interest.  Another place stated this condition could last for years.

Now prior to reading all this, I read a lot of other good blogs by some very good bloggers who had been doing this for awhile.  I even read where people were giving tips on how to blog and write without getting discouraged. Other places suggested that I link to content.  One place I saw where I was suppose to get a professionals advice.

To sum this all up, I just want to say that prior to reading I thought that I was totally unique in having this thing called WRITERS BLOCK or maybe as a Boomer my brain was slipping or something.  Then I came across something that made sense to me.  I have a favorite saying which is, Suit Up and Show Up.  I read where it said to just sit down to write as a beginning.  So after all that reading I am right back with my favorite saying.  I suited up and showed up and here I wrote.  With all of this in mind I now realize that I have not lost my sense of humor, am not unique and there is nothing wrong with me.  So if any of you can relate to this please let me know because I REFUSE TO HAVE WRITERS BLOCK!  Can you relate? If so maybe I helped someone by letting them know they are not alone.  So folks if you are wanting to write just keep on smiling, profiling and most important just SIT DOWN AND WRITE.  🙂

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A New Years Eve Retirement Dream Becomes a Resolution

Resolve to make your retirement dream a reality. Set goals, strive toward success, don’t give up and enjoy the journey. Make your retirement dream come true.

A Retirement Dream Becomes a Resolution

It’s New Years eve and my patrol rounds are complete.  The buildings are secure.  The streets and neighborhoods are busy as people celebrate the coming of year 2011.  At midnight I park the vehicle and listen to fireworks go off all around the area.  The night sky lights up with beauty as the New Year is now here.  At 2.p.m. all is quiet. It’s time for a break.  The winter air is cold.  The warm heat in the vehicle feels good.  I stare at the silent building.

Dave Ramsey is talking about financial peace on the radio station.  It makes sense.  I am now 62 years of age.  I wish I had learned his steps sooner.  My debts will be paid off in March of this year.  I have been trying to work his program this passed year to become debt free.  My 2010 goal is almost complete. I switch the radio station to oldies.  In the Still Of the Night is playing.  My eyes are heavy.  Now the 1973 single hit by Gladys Knight, Midnight Train to Georgia is on the air..  I think of Maya Angelo and her struggles as she persevered to gain success and her quote, “Nothing will work unless you do it” comes to my mind.  My mind wanders off to the 55 community guide that I have visited often dreaming of a retirement place.

It is a gorgeous warm sun shiny morning as I look out my apartment window.  The birds are singing a happy tune as I watch my new neighbor next door work in his flower garden.  The pool looks inviting.  My friend John looks so relaxed reading the newspaper as he soaks up the healthy sunshine in his lounge chair by the pool.  Ms. Epstein is getting into her car to go the Monday class she is taking to learn about computers.  At 1p.m. I will get dressed to go  to the nursing facility where I have a part time job.  I hope Jim does better today as I encourage him to walk and smile.  He is such a delightful patient.  I think I will lay by the pool awhile before work and allow the warm soothing heat from the sun to relax my body and feel the arthritis pain disappear.

I say hello to my new friend George as I lay my towel across the lounge chair.  I ask him if we are still on for the date we made for Friday night to attend the outdoor theater near by.  I smile.  He touched my hand and replied, “Yes, of course.  I have been looking forward to that all week.  We will have fun.”  My heart skips a little beat.  A warm fuzzy runs through my stomach.  Could that be butterflies at my age  64?  I tell myself, “Don’t worry about it just enjoy the moment.”  Life is good!  I am happy that I found this retirement community when I did living up north in the big city.  It was a good choice to  move to this warm southern community with a small town charm.

Ten minutes have passed.  Break time is over.  I now have not only a dream but a New Years resolution.  I will be the best person that I can be, live in the moment, laugh at my mistakes, love what is, and continue working on my goals set in front of me.  I will make it to that southern town.  I will enjoy my new friends and my new part time job helping others to push forward.  I will not give up.  I will take the steps necessary to make my  dream a reality for my boomer retirement years. I am grateful for a positive attitude.

It is 6:30 p.m. and I get in my car to drive home.  I am eager to get to my computer to do some more research, write down my goals for the new year and write my story.  Life is what one makes it!  Set goals, strive toward success, don’t give up and enjoy the journey.  Make your retirement dream come true.

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Boomers Remember When

Boomers Remember When takes a look at how things have changed in our lives. A look back to soda for a dime, drive in movies, 55 Chevy, fishing, vacations, and more.

Remember when a soda was called pop and came in a small bottle called cocoa cola for only a dime.  Then there was the fountain drink that came in the paper cone sitting in a tin container as we drank it and listened to the jukebox at the corner drug store.  Today that coke cost a dollar, comes in a can from a machine as we listen to music on our I pods.

Remember the 55 Chevy that we loaded our families in to take that much needed vacation 250 miles away.  We packed a cooler, made sandwiches and stopped at a picnic table on the side of the road to eat.  Today we pack the mini van or catch a jet to fly to interesting places.  We eat at the finest restaurants and stay at beautiful hotels by the beach.

Remember when television had shows like Gun Smoke, I Love Lucy, and no remote control.  Now we have Who’s the Biggest Loser, Law and Order, Dancing With the Stars and a remote that we are constantly trying to figure out, that is if we can find it.

Remember when we went to drive in movies, rolled the windows down in our cars and sat the lawn chairs out.  Today we watch movies on our computers or go to the big cinema’s and wait for hours just to get a ticket to get in.

Remember when going fishing meant picking up a cane pole and digging up a few worms for bait and heading to the nearest water hold.  Today we shop at the Bass Pro shop for the best, the finest and travel far to find a lake that just might have some fish still in it.  Then of course there is deep sea fishing that takes a large crew on board with fine dining, nice bathroom facilities, and someone to bait your hook.  No longer do we have to be lazy sitting under a shade tree, listening to the birds, and taking a little nap waiting for a fish to bite our hook and take the bobble down.  That was disturbing since it sometimes messed up a good lazy dream.

Remember when we played marbles, checkers, horse shoes and monopoly.  Now we find the greatest games on our I phones, walk miles to play golf and ski from the top of the highest mountains to entertain ourselves.

Remember when there was a party line on the old land line telephone.  Now there is social media.  You can just sign in and read a long instead of ease dropping on a conversation of your neighbors down the street.

Yes, we boomers remember.  Was it more simple?  That is a good question for at the time we did not think so.  In 60 years I won’t be around but I just wonder about some things.  What will the youth of today remember?  What will their story be?  What mark will they leave on the world?  Will their grandchildren be fishing at all?  Will they travel on a road or highway?  Will there even be a thing called a television?  What kind of a container will hold a soda or will there be soda?  Will there still be a place called a movie theater?  Will there be a clean beach to play in the sand?

Yes, I wonder.  What will be the stories?  What will be the memories of tomorrow in our ever changing world?  Let us not forget!  Let us remember when.

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