Boomer Memories: Missed Opportunity to Learn About Football

Back in the day I came from a small country town where basketball was the in sport.  I do not remember the guys playing football.  Later I moved to St. Louis and was busy raising my girls so I didn’t watch the game.  One night I was out with a new friend that asked if I mined meeting a friend of his.  We walked over to a table where a man was sitting.  My friend said, “Ann, this is Bill Wilkerson.”  Now in the late 70’s early 80’s I met some real Gentleman.  This fella named Bill, stood up and extended his hand for a hand shake.  He said, “Ann, I am very pleased to meet you.”

I put my little bitty hand into this great big hand was in  total awe. Of course the first thought that came into my head fell out of my mouth.  I replied, ” Wow, you sure do have the prettiest voice that I have ever heard.”  At that point everyone went into a fit of laughter and I had no idea why.  I thought I had given the man a compliment.

So my friend explained that this man Bill Wilkerson was a radio station announcer here in St. Louis and did the sports about football.  Now back in those days I didn’t believe much that any man told me so I just replied, “Well, I don’t know nuttin about no football.”  Everyone started to laugh again so I figured I would just let them have their fun since I didn’t believe anything being said anyway.  Now this man Bill was very friendly, polite, courteous and tried to convince me that he was who my friend said he was.  Mr. Wilkerson even gave me a nice compliment.  He said, “You are such a pleasant person and I have really enjoyed meeting you.  I need to send you a book about all you need to know about football.”

We had a lot of fun sitting and chatting.  There wasn’t much talk about football since I had set them all straight that I didn’t know anything about the game.  I must say they were real gentlemen and kept the conversation going about things that I could join in and laugh about.I still didn’t believe this nice speaking man was a radio announcer.

The next morning I arrived at work.  Now my co worker always listened to the early AM radio station KMOX.  I arrived as usual full of myself to tell her of my last nights fun story and how I didn’t believe a word of it.  She listened attentively.  Then she shook her head as her radio played on her desk.  Now she was a much older and wiser person than me.  When I finally shut my mouth she said,  “Bill Wilkerson the radio announcer on KMOX just said that he had met a very nice lady last night that he laughed  with but he did not get her address.  He stated that she said she didn’t know nuttin about football and he wanted to send her a book.”

Here it is Super Bowl Sunday.  I still don’t know anything about football but I am willing to learn.  If you are watching have a real good time.  If you are out and about watching and someone with a beautiful voice introduces himself as Bill Wilkerson listen up!   Don’t miss the chance of a life time to learn a lesson from one of the greatest like I did.  Also remember that you can enjoy laughter and fun while watching the commercials.  🙂

FBI honors Bill Wilkerson

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The Boomers Dysfunction Junction Family

When I was a younger person, I remember watching the television show, “Leave It To Beaver.” Everyone was so proper and perfect. It represented the all American family back in the day. Needless to say, I was nothing like Mrs. Clever. My clothes were not perfect, my house was disorganized, and as as a single Mom I guess you might say we were a bit dysfunctional. In other words we did not set the standards for normal but what is normal but a setting on a washing machine.

When I was a younger person, I remember watching the television show, “Leave It To Beaver.”  Everyone was so proper and perfect.  It represented the all American family back in the day.  Needless to say, I was nothing like Mrs. Clever.  My clothes were not perfect, my house was disorganized, and as as a single Mom I guess you might say we were a bit dysfunctional.  In other words we did not set the standards for normal but what is normal but a setting on a washing machine.  There were many self help programs and books for this condition back then.  One thing for sure by attending these programs, I met others that were just like me.   Some even appeared in more abnormal situations than my family.  Instead of judging the situation, I will just say dysfunction or not, it was what it was.  Who cares about titles anyway.   If the truth be known, I am sure most folks have a few skeletons in their closets.

The qualifications for dysfunction could be doing a lot of things such as drinking, drugging, care taking, sex, over eating, under eating, or anything that is connected with an addiction.  Then there is the term, “being politically correct.”  Whatever, I say!  From articles that I have been reading lately it appears boomers have been saddled with the blame for a lot of this.  Again, I say,”Whatever.”  Give us a break already!  The last time I was in a bar, it was unbelievable to me watching some of our younger generation put down a few cold beers.  As fast as they were going down who would have had time to taste the cold part anyway.  It has been a while since I have seen any 70 year old folks chugging that fast but I know they can.  Really who cares about the age thing as long as they are legal age to drink.  Oh right, make sure it is not obsessive or it will be dysfunctional.

I am waiting for the statistics to come out on today’s day and age families regarding computer age dysfunction.  So far from what I have observed is that members of a family sit in the same room.  Each person has a cell phone in their hand.  Constantly they are texting away on the phone.  Then there is a giggle from a person on the opposite of the room.  Instead of talking, these two folks are texting each other. That is the way they share a laugh.  Give me a break!  Pretty soon one will have to have a cell phone to ask for the butter to be passed at the dinner table.  Speaking of the the dinner table, that brings me to something else.  I have seen many families that all just grab their food and head to the family room or living room.  There everyone sits around, eats and watches the biggest loser.  To me this appears to be dysfunctional but who am I make that call.

Then I keep reading about families where the parents, grandparents and kids all live under the same roof.  My, My, I do hope these dwelling are structurally safe if there is any dysfunction going on in these families.  Actually, before the next sixty years has come and gone, we boomers may know the family unit as more than it was in days gone by.  Did I say 60 years?  No way, I don’t plan on being around to experience any more new terms associated with family dysfunction junction!  There are so many different surveys going on, I am sure someone will get on this important topic soon of the future of family dysfunction junction.  Only time will tell folks, only time will tell!

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Night Time Foot Warmers Never Change

It’s a bit chilly outside this morning which took my mind on a series of thoughts.  As a country gal, we only had one little stove which sat in the living room.  The rest of the house was with out heat.  Now talk about a cold bedroom.

The bed had lots of covers.  There were the flannel sheets and at least six homemade quilts.  My mother made those quilts by hand.  She used fabric from discarded dresses, curtains and so forth. Then the fabric was cut into little squares and sewed together.  For a lining she sewed in old army blankets or sometimes cotton from rolls.  Now this was warmth.  Once you got into bed and found a comfy spot that is where you stayed for the night.  There was not much tossing about because the covers were so heavy it was difficult to turn over.  Then of course there was the problem of keeping one’s nose warm.  In order to breathe it had to come out from under those covers.   I can even remember wearing a cover over my head which helped keep the ears warm.

Today quilting is a hobby.  There are quilts in the department stores with beautiful designs and colors.  If one chooses to have cotton sheets those can be purchased also but are much different from the old days.  Now they are smooth and fit the bed tightly.  Back in the day each morning it was an ordeal picking little cotton balls off ones flannel nighties after arising.

Now we turn the thermostat just to the right temperature.  The ladies deck out in silky sexy attire and they even have those silky pajamas for men.  For true warmth there are electric blankets with his and hers separate controls on them.  Even the family dog has a fancy cozy sleeping bed of its own.

If you still have a bed partner there is something  that still hasn’t changed; COLD FEET! Cold feet are just cold feet.  Now I don’t have a partner so I really don’t have to be concerned with that today but I still haven’t forgotten.  Back in my early first marriage I headed for bed ready to sleep.  Then here he came and over came those COLD FEET.    Now much later in life with the nice heated blankets and temperature controlled bedrooms here he came  with those same icicle COLD FEET.

So the bottom line to this story is just this.  If you have a partner at any time in life that you still sleep with make ABSOLUTELY SURE that there are nice warm HIS and HERS socks for those Cold feet.  After all they can be removed when the body temperatures start to rise.  If you are a house hold of one like me, just jump in the bed drift off to sleep and thank the lucky stars that you don’t have to get that shocker coming your way of the COLD FEET.

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How To Get a Florida Sun Tan The Hard Way

 By now most of you know that I am just a country gal that moved to the big city so most of my back in the day stories are from getting out of the country and learning about life.  That brings me to a story about my vacations to South Florida where my brother lived.  He was a fun guy with a great sense of humor who had done it all and continued to live out all his dreams until his death and therefore became the Man in my Eyes.

So I took my first jet plane ride to pay him a visit in his home in Lake Worth, Florida outside of West Palm Beach.  Since it was the middle of July, I remember getting off the plane and thinking I had fell into a sauna bath.  I had never felt that type of climate nor seen a palm tree so this was the beginning of my brother having a little fun with his young sis.

I had big plans to get a beautiful sun tan like the beautiful girls that I had seen in the magazines.   So on arrival at his house I headed for the bedroom to change into my one piece bathing suit.  My suitcase was packed with jeans and such.  My brother looked at me and with his dry sense of humor said, “Sis that’s a lot of bathing suit.  Now if you want something to drink you can get it out of the refrigerator cold or pick some grape fruit or oranges off the trees in the back.  Just make yourself and home.”  It did appear that he was laughing inside but little did I know why but I was soon to learn.

Out to the patio I went with a cold drink, a water bottle, sun screen, towel and headed for the lawn chair to acquire that beautiful sun tan from the Florida sunshine. Darn there were grape fruits and oranges all over those trees.  I couldn’t tell which was which since all of them were big and the same color but I wasn’t about to let him know of my dumbness.  Now I was a few minutes into this thing and sat down.  Ouch!  The darn chair burned my leg.  Next my body began to sweat like all get out.  My head felt like the sun was sitting on top of it.  I sprayed myself with the water in the bottle and darn if it had not even turned hot already.  That one piece bathing suit felt like a Hugh elastic band tightening up my body and my legs were bright red. I hadn’t even gotten to the sun screen.  My hair was soaked with sweat and my sun glasses were steamed over. Lizards darted all around the chair and the sand burned my feet.  Then I rubbed a little lotion on to get that beautiful tan but found myself covered in sand because I had laid the bottle on the ground.  So ten minutes into this Florida sun tanning experience there I sat, sweating, scratching, burning, thirsty with my feet in the air to stay away from the lizards and dreaming of AIR CONDITIONING. 

My brother Paul was relaxed back in his lazy boy chair inside taking a little nap but not really asleep just waiting for my dumb self to come inside so he could have a little fun with me.  Okay, I thought something is wrong with this picture.  I have to go in to cool off, get this sand off my body and take a look at my beautiful tan.  There he sat just waiting.  I came in grumbling about how hot I was and looking quite a mess.

Slowly Paul looked up with that I got her playful grin and said, ”  Sis you have only been out there for ten minutes.  That suit looks like a tent.  It takes longer than that to get a tan in Florida. Did you check out any of the little stores at the airport to see if they bottle Florida sunshine for St. Louis gals because it appears you might need it.”  That was my first lesson learned in Florida. 

  1. Don’t bother taking heavy clothes with you in July just wait until you arrive and go to the consignment shops for little or no clothing
  2. Don’t go in your brother’s back yard at 1 p.m. when there is no air circulating and the sun in burning hot.
  3. Make sure you read a book on Florida lizards before leaving your city.
  4. Read up on oranges and grape fruits because they are very different colored when falling off the trees than in the stores.
  5. Make sure you have a good pair of Florida sandals for your feet.  Leave the heavy designer boots up North.
  6. Don’t rush to get a tan within a 10 minute time span in someones back yard.  Take a nap first and relax then head for a beach where the wind is blowing.
  7. If you happen to have a relative that you are visiting, I would suggest asking a few questions about Florida sunshine, sand, climate daily changes and any other things you might need to learn before landing in South Florida.
  8. Don’t dare let your older brother get over on you.  Be wise.  Ask him questions before beginning this adventure.  After all he knows much more about it than you and it is okay to learn before experiencing pain.
  9. Take a deep breath.  Go to the shower.  Look in the mirror.  Don’t expect to see a tanned magazine bathing beauty but instead a red sweating City Gal.  Get a nice soft white tee shirt from your brother for after the shower clothing attire.
  10. Shower, relax, chill out, enjoy the air conditioning.  Take a little much needed nap.  After the nap start preparing for your next days adventure on the boat deep sea fishing.

There is six more days to this story and I learned a lot the first day.  The second day is to begin at 4 a.m. to get ahead of the hot sun on the fishing trip to catch Jaws himself. Now like there is a way of getting away from Florida sunshine in July. The Country City Gal Goes Deep Sea Fishing For The First Time!  Stay tuned.  I have learned from all my experiences after thirty years and I need to take a little nap, chill out and relax before writing this next story.  Stay tuned.  Come back for my BIG FISHING TALE in the great salt water of a Big Ocean!

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How Being Age 62 Is Today

When my mother was age 62, I was about 22 years old.  Mom had white hair and worn an apron over her dress.  All her meals were made from scratch.  She worked in the garden and canned vegetables for the winter.  Mom relaxed at the end of a day under a shade tree in her favorite lawn chair.  My parents did not have air conditioning and did not complain about that.  She was poor but proud.  She enjoyed the simple things in life until she passed on at age 70.  Mom enjoyed small town living.

Now I am 62 and my oldest daughter is in her 40’s. Unlike my Mom, I am divorced and still working.  My wardrobe consists of uniforms, jeans, tee shirts, sandals,shorts, and leisure outfits.  There is no apron and my hair is bright RED.  I only put on dresses for weddings and such.  Most of my meals are fixed in the microwave.  My air conditioning runs at top speed in my apartment.  I DO complain if it does not work properly.  The nearest shade tree that I can sit under is down the street at the city park.  There is no garden to work in because my little concrete patio is outside my front door and gardening is not allowed here.  The patio is big enough though for a potted plant.

Mom was so happy to see 62.  Sixty two meant that she and my Dad could finally draw their social security and not have to worry about working outside the house.  It even enabled them to be able to purchase their first little home.  At 62, I have owned and sold five houses which are gone along with husbands.  Social security does not mean security nor the ability to purchase a house.  Mom wrote me letters each week and sent them by the United States Postal Service.  In them she made many strong suggestions on how I should live my life in the big city.  I don’t write letters to my daughters but do read about them on face book now and then.  I don’t tell my kids how to live their lives because that would not go over well with them AT ALL.

At 4a.m. most mornings, my Mom was ready to get out of bed to fix a down home cooked breakfast.  Since I work the night shift, 4a.m. is a time to stretch, rub my red eye balls, and dream about going to bed.  Mom never drove a car.  I drive one all night at work.  I wonder what she would say about THAT.

Yes, being 62 today is a bit different than when my Mom was age 62.  There are still some things that are the same.  My mother loved her children and I do too.  My mother appreciated the value system that her Mother taught her and I do too.  My mother did what was necessary to live her life one day at a time and I do too.  My mother had pride and I am grateful to say, “I do too!”

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Boomers, Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Some folks received flowers and candy today.  Others enjoyed a romantic dinner or a movie. For Valentine’s Day, I had a flash back to the past.  Yes, a flash back!  Now we are talking a long way back.

There was a hand made Valentine”s holder pinned to the wall.  It was stuffed with Valentines.  As a matter of fact, it had more in it than all the other holders on the wall.  Slowly, I removed the holder from the wall.  I laid it gently on the table.  Then I reached for the largest valentine in the folder.  The envelope was bright red.  The words, I love you were printed in bold on the front next to my name.  With my small hands shaking, I slowly took the card out of the envelope, as others watched in anticipation.

I opened the card.  It was signed, “Love, Johnnie.”  My heart beat fast as I read the words.  I looked up and it happened right there.  Yes it did!  Johnnie puckered up and laid the big one on my lips.  It was wet and messy.  The others started to giggle.  Yep, that was my first kiss.  The memory is as strong as if it just happened yesterday.  It was kinder garden class.  The giggles echoed from my friends.  Johnnie’s two front teeth were missing and there he was with a dumb GRIN  on his face.  What a visual!  I didn’t know whether to crawl under the class room table or cry.

Now I can look back and laugh about the silliness of being a child.  There has been a few years since that episode happened.  Many kisses have passed these baby boomer lips.  That kiss was special, even though it did not feel like it at the time,because it was the FIRST.  Now I am waiting for my last kiss.   If his teeth are missing so be it.  I say, “No matter what age you are pucker up and enjoy the moment!”  These baby boomer lips are not ready to retire.  🙂

In all sincerity, I hope each of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Do you remember your first kiss?

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