The Boomer List

The Boomer List - Mary Ann and Robert
The Boomer List – Mary Ann and Robert

While at LifeAT50+ in Boston Mary Ann and I stood in front of a green screen for a photo and then was handed this photo.  It was kink of interesting, but what is “THE BOOMER LIST”.

Several of our friends were asking about THE BOOMER LIST also so I contacted Jen Reeves with AARP and received a press release about THE BOOMER LIST which explains everything.

WASHINGTON, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — 2014 marks an important shift in American culture, as the last of the baby boom generation will turn age 50 by the year’s end. To mark this momentous occasion, AARP today announced it is partnering with renowned American documentary filmmaker and photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to present The Boomer List, a comprehensive look at 19 iconic boomers—one born each year of the baby boom from 1946-1964. The Boomer List will come to life later this year as an American Masters documentary film on PBS, a companion book, and an exhibit at Washington, D.C.’s Newseum, a museum that blends news history with up-to-the-second technology and is one of the city’s top attractions.

OK so it’s a documentary movie, thus the movie poster overlay on our photo above. What a great way to advertise a movie – give people a movie poster with them in it, to share with the world like I am doing here.  Wow, very cleaver.  Good move AARP!

The Boomer List documentary will highlight notable figures including music legend Billy Joel and novelist Amy Tan, author of “The Joy Luck Club,” and will debut in fall 2014 on PBS’s award-winning American Masters series. Viewers will gain insight into the Boomer generation through intimate interviews and portraits by Greenfield-Sanders that focus on exceptional achievement, struggle and identity, telling the story of extraordinary Americans and the history they lived through and often created. Film subjects will illuminate the important movements and changes that shaped the world during the baby boom years. Topics will include the environment; arts and entertainment; science; civil, LGBT and women’s rights; law; politics; public service; sports; the military and technology.

Well this could be interesting, but celebrities are not the only ones who lived through what we lived through.  I guess they couldn’t interview each one of us Boomers could they. That would take a long time.

Additionally, the 19 large-scale boomer portraits will be part of a nine-month exhibition at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., highlighting newsworthy people from the baby boom generation. “The Boomer List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders” opens Sept. 26, 2014, and will be on display through June 2015. Throughout the exhibit’s run, the Newseum will host a series of special programs and events that explore how boomers changed the world and the legacy they leave for future generations.

I wonder it their portraits will also have the movie poster overlay?

The Boomer List is the latest initiative announced as part of AARP’s yearlong program, Boomers@50+, which is sponsored by Consumer Cellular and celebrates this influential generation. This multi-platform initiative provides opportunities to reflect on how boomers have changed the world and to ask the question, “What’s next?” AARP will highlight The Boomer List as a central element of the celebration. To find out more about the baby boom generation and the events that shaped boomers’ lives, visit


The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show Feb 9, 1964

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

On February 9, 1964 my wife Mary Ann washed her hair late Sunday PM so that she wouldn’t have to go to church. The reason?  To stay home and watch The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show along with 73 million other people.  She took these photos that she still has. There are like 30 photos and the cost to process was $1.03. The photos held up well. Enjoy!

photo of George Harrison on Ed Sullivan
Mary Ann’s favorite George Harrison


the beatles on the ed sullivan show
The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
Paul McCartney on ed sullivan
Dreamy eyes Paul McCartney


John Lennon photo Ed Sullivan
John: Sorry Girls, He’s Married


Ringo Starr on the Ed Sullivan Show
Ringo Starr
John Lennon on Ed Sullivan
John Lennon




Photo package. $1.03 to process 30 photos


The Memory of A Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Story

Today I was blessed to be able to share a story with a young lady about one of my Christmas trees from years ago.  There have been trees in my many years.  I remember one as a child that will always stand out in my mind.

My Daddy went out into the country and dug up a very small tree.  He brought it home. He then filled an old tin coffee can with soil and planted the tree in it.   My mother put an old white sheet around the bottom for the skirt which covered the can.  Then we popped popcorn in a skillet.  Yes, I did say skillet not a bag or popcorn maker.  With cake coloring it is amazing how you can change the color of popcorn.  After the popcorn cooled, my mother made strings of it by using a sewing needle and tread.  We wrapped that around the tree.  I make a paper angel and attached it to the top.  We painted a few pine cones that we had found and hung them on the tree with safety pins.  Since my Daddy was very afraid of fires, he attached one string of lights only which we could turn on just briefly.

As we received Christmas cards we attached them to the tree.  This was a special tree.  As a child, I was very proud of it.  My sisters sent presents from the big city of St. Louis for me.  They lay underneath and of course I had to shake them a time or two before Christmas morning.  Do you know, I can not even remember anything about gifts that year but I will always remember the tree.

When Christmas was over my Daddy some how planted that tree in the front yard of our little rented house.  He had a green thumb and loved to keep a beautiful yard.  It was always mowed, had flowers, and a couple of wonderful shade trees.  Each year that little Christmas tree grew bigger and bigger.  He would trim it and keep it in beautiful shape.

When I was pregnant with my first child, he took a picture of me and my mother standing in front of that magnificent tree.  I still have the old black and white picture.  It is dear to my heart.  That has been many years ago.  It is a memory not of a gift but of one small something of good that I can remember my father doing for me on Christmas.

This holiday some may have beautiful large trees, lots of lights, fancy ornaments. and many gifts.  Some trees may be real and smell of pine.  Other trees may be artificial.  Others may have no tree at all.  Know matter if there is a tree or not, just remember that Christmas is about the love that we carry in our hearts.   Like my Daddy who kept the little tree alive, my wish for you is that you keep the LOVE alive in your heart so that you can cherish that memory.   May you always cherish the Memory and hold it near to your Heart!

Boomers, Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Some folks received flowers and candy today.  Others enjoyed a romantic dinner or a movie. For Valentine’s Day, I had a flash back to the past.  Yes, a flash back!  Now we are talking a long way back.

There was a hand made Valentine”s holder pinned to the wall.  It was stuffed with Valentines.  As a matter of fact, it had more in it than all the other holders on the wall.  Slowly, I removed the holder from the wall.  I laid it gently on the table.  Then I reached for the largest valentine in the folder.  The envelope was bright red.  The words, I love you were printed in bold on the front next to my name.  With my small hands shaking, I slowly took the card out of the envelope, as others watched in anticipation.

I opened the card.  It was signed, “Love, Johnnie.”  My heart beat fast as I read the words.  I looked up and it happened right there.  Yes it did!  Johnnie puckered up and laid the big one on my lips.  It was wet and messy.  The others started to giggle.  Yep, that was my first kiss.  The memory is as strong as if it just happened yesterday.  It was kinder garden class.  The giggles echoed from my friends.  Johnnie’s two front teeth were missing and there he was with a dumb GRIN  on his face.  What a visual!  I didn’t know whether to crawl under the class room table or cry.

Now I can look back and laugh about the silliness of being a child.  There has been a few years since that episode happened.  Many kisses have passed these baby boomer lips.  That kiss was special, even though it did not feel like it at the time,because it was the FIRST.  Now I am waiting for my last kiss.   If his teeth are missing so be it.  I say, “No matter what age you are pucker up and enjoy the moment!”  These baby boomer lips are not ready to retire.  🙂

In all sincerity, I hope each of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Do you remember your first kiss?

The Cardinal Baseball World Series Winners Brings On Boomer Memories

As some of you may have heard by now, the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series last night. If you are from St. Louis that really gets you pumped, as the young folks say. As a resident, from St. Louis county, my heart is still racing. Today there is a silly smile on my face. In addition, the memories from the past years of my life, connected with the St. Louis Cardinals are screaming in my head.

Okay, that does it!  I have fought my head too much today with all these memories.  I need to get it out and on paper so WorkingBoomer can go to work tonight.  As some of you may have heard by now, the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series last night.  If you are from St. Louis that really gets you pumped, as the young folks say.  As a resident, from St. Louis county, my heart is still racing. Today there is a silly smile on my face.  In addition, the memories from the past years of my life, connected with the St. Louis Cardinals are screaming in my head.  They are saying, Write, Write and Write some more.   My body is saying get to bed Fool you have to work again tonight.  What a dilemma.  There is no use laying down again because the noise in my head is too loud so here I am folks, WRITING!

Back in the day, I remember the radio station KMOX playing the Cardinal games as my Daddy listened to it in our two family flat in St. Louis, Missouri. Daddy was in a good mood if they won and not so happy when they did not.  Now those were the days!  The radio was the thing not the television.  If you lived in St. Louis you could hear radio’s playing the game in almost all the city apartments.  Even though I was just a small child, I remember.  I remember the great Stan Musial playing on the Cardinal team.  Stan the Man He Was and still Is.

Then the day came when our family moved to a small town in Arkansas.  I was growing older and getting interested in boys.  At a very early age of 17 years, I married for the first time.  Yes, I said the first time.  Many of us boomers have one, two, three or maybe even more.  I married a Cardinal Baseball fan.  We moved to St. Louis.  Now I was simple, in mature and just plain nuts at times.  I did not know very much about men or sports.  My new hubby loved him some Cardinal Baseball, and still does.  I used to dance around in front of the television to get him to notice me when a game was on.  All he did was peak around and keep on watching the Great Cardinals.  Back then, I thought that meant he didn’t love me.  Now how can a woman compete with the Cardinals?  Oh well, he was a good man and that is history.  He lives on and so do the Cardinals.

I remember the wins that the Cards make in 1964 against the Yankees.  Then there was the win in 1967 against the Red Sox.  Then came the 70’s.  The Cards were still playing and as a new divorcee, I was too.  Soon there was hubby number two.  Then later no hubby again.  This time I found a new fellow that loved, yes you guessed it, THE CARDINAL BASEBALL GAMES.  I remember Ozzie Smith doing his flips.  Then there was Mark McGuire with his 70 home runs.

After that there was a brief encounter with hubby number three who preferred motorcycles over baseball but that didn’t work for me either.  Yes, I was a wild boomer for awhile.  It is my past and is filled with memories that includes the win of the world series in 2006.  At that time I screamed at the top of my lungs with my best friend as we listened to the game on the radio at work.

This year, 2011, I am proud to say that I am a Cardinal Fan.  All the players did a GREAT job as they won the series played against the Texas Rangers.  Now there are greats like Albert Pujols, and David Freese.  Oh and how about that new Rally Squirrel?  He was all decked out in his winter attire on face book letting folks know to keep warm at the game.  Stan Musial is a little older, just like me. I saw his picture last night.  I know he is proud of the Cardinals and has many memories too.

Now that my body is relaxing with my heart smiling, I will be able to rest before work.  The Cardinals and I have something in common.  Something that Boomers share too.  We are not quitters.  We go for the win.  We have seen many things.  We have endured loss and change but we continue to play the game of life to the fullest until the end.  Some folks love us and some may not.  We continue on!  We persevere!  We have a purpose!  Win or loose,we share our experience, strength and hope.  It feels good to win.   But win or loss, it is about HOW YOU PLAY the game.   I hope this has sparked some memories that you can write about.  As the old saying goes;  The Game Is NOT over until The Fat Lady Sings.


On The Road To Grandma’s House

Let us not forget the stories that Grandma can share with her grandchildren as they get older. Those are stories and experiences that a grandchild has missed. It is a time of the past that has lead to today.

Grandma visitYesterday, I learned that I would be a grandmother of a little baby girl in March of 2012.  This was very exciting news.  Then I began to think about events of the past and the future.  There are many stories and nursery rhymes about grandchildren on the road to grandma’s house.  I remember skipping road and going down the street to see my grandmother.  Then there was the ride into the hills to visit my grandmother from my Dad’s side of the family.  We lived in a very small town so neither trip took very long, but was fun.  I looked forward to those times, as many of us did.  The smell of fresh baked pies and family get together is still clear in my mind from those days.  The one thing that I do not remember is a visit to our house from my grandparents.  Have times changed?  I believe that they have.

Today there are single boomer grandparents living in the city.  Some of us are waiting to move into senior citizen retirement apartments.  Others are living in 55 communities and enjoying the good life.  A Lot of grandparents are attending events at their local senior center in order to stay active and social.  Many boomer grandparents are traveling to see the world at a late age.  Then there are those that are unable to travel due to illness, the economy or the necessity to keep working in order to make a living.

Some grandchildren live with their parents in the grandparents home.  Others may have grown children that live thousands of miles away.  As a boomer, can you relate with this?  Grown children sometimes expect the grandparents to visit their homes because it is more convenient for them, due to busy times in this generation.  Travel can be costly for parents and grandparents.  It is not as easy to skip rope down to Grandma’s house.

There are grandparents living in assisted living facilities.  I wonder just how many parents bring their children there to visit with Grandma.  I do hope they come on a regular basis.  There is nothing that can bring a smile to an older person’s face than the sight of a child.  That Grandma would enjoy a hug from her grandchildren.  There is something very special between grandchildren and grandparents.  The bonding is important to keep the family spirit alive.

Even though many grandparents are learning modern technology in adult classes, it is wonderful to have that grandchild that can help Grandma to learn.  Let us not forget the stories that Grandma can share with her grandchildren as they get older.  Those are stories and experiences that a grandchild has missed.  It is a time of the past that has lead to today.

Yes, it is important to take the road to Grandma’s House.  It is important to allow the bonding to take place.  Grandma’s house may not be as it was many years ago in story books.  The house may be different.  It may be larger, smaller, brighter or sometimes even darker than those we have read about.  Pies may no longer be cooking in the oven because times have changed.  The importance of grandchildren and grandparents bonding has not changed.  Boomers and boomer children let us keep that alive.  Take the time to take the trip on the road to Grandma’s house.

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