Working Boomer Refuses To Have Writers Block

Working Boomer was burning up the Boomer Places blog with her Boomer postings. Then experienced writers blog. But she remembered “SUIT UP AND SHOW UP”. The curse has been broken.

In the passed few weeks this Working Boomer has dealt with two snow storms, oral surgery and whatever else life had to offer.  I thought to myself, “Oh, what is wrong with me, I need to write but can’t think of a subject.  I haven’t been on an exotic vacation to Africa or won a million dollars in the lottery so what can I write about?  Maybe I had  developed a condition that I named writers block therefore I looked writers block up in the computer.  Well dog gone, I saw that condition already existed so I began to read.

In one place it explained that one could have this due to anxiety.  In another place it said that I needed to be inspired.  Then there was the place that said I needed to have good content when writing so that folks would not loose interest.  Another place stated this condition could last for years.

Now prior to reading all this, I read a lot of other good blogs by some very good bloggers who had been doing this for awhile.  I even read where people were giving tips on how to blog and write without getting discouraged. Other places suggested that I link to content.  One place I saw where I was suppose to get a professionals advice.

To sum this all up, I just want to say that prior to reading I thought that I was totally unique in having this thing called WRITERS BLOCK or maybe as a Boomer my brain was slipping or something.  Then I came across something that made sense to me.  I have a favorite saying which is, Suit Up and Show Up.  I read where it said to just sit down to write as a beginning.  So after all that reading I am right back with my favorite saying.  I suited up and showed up and here I wrote.  With all of this in mind I now realize that I have not lost my sense of humor, am not unique and there is nothing wrong with me.  So if any of you can relate to this please let me know because I REFUSE TO HAVE WRITERS BLOCK!  Can you relate? If so maybe I helped someone by letting them know they are not alone.  So folks if you are wanting to write just keep on smiling, profiling and most important just SIT DOWN AND WRITE.  🙂

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Critters For Boomers

So here I sit at the holiday season with the urge to write about critters.  Yep,  that’s what I said, ‘Critters.”  This precious family that I have met recently on Face book has inspired me to write about critters with a big smile on my face.

I loved critters as a child.  One time sitting in a little country church listening to the preacher preach on fire and brimstone as I fanned myself with one of those little paper fans I gazed out the window.  Now you know I was just a youngster.  I was looking at cows in the field.  One cow got on the other one.  Now I wasn’t to smart on what they were really doing so I was very amazed.  Now should I have written that or not?  Oh well, it is part of my critter stories.

Then at around 8 years old my hero older brother brought me the cutest little puppy from Florida.  I loved that dog so much.  Now mind you, I was from the country.  Mom said no way will this dog be in the house but my Daddy took a liking to Buster and in the house he got to stay.  Then came the day I was to marry.  Daddy said OK but Buster stays here.  Now mind you, I was only 17 and it didn’t matter because I was marrying my childhood sweetheart and moving to the big city.

Now I am here to tell you, I put some hubby’s through some critter situations.  My first little dog was Tiny Dog.  A big portrait hung in the living room of him.  Oh my, that is critter love.  Then there was George Henry, the standard poodle that thought he was a hound dog.  Then dogs and hubby were gone.

The next hubby liked German Shepard’s but I did not much care for not being able to get in my back yard.  The dog did not like me.  Then came the Alaskan malamute.  He dug a hole in the back yard big enough to bury a house.  Oh, I almost forgot the toy poodle that hubby #2 didn’t like but we hung strong.

Now freedom at last.  No hubby’s but the dogs went on. There was Shotzie the schnauzer who was smart as a tack.  Then the homeless fellow that had a cherry eye that my daughter and I got fixed.  Later hubby #2 moved out of state and left us with Kissy.  Now that story is too long to write.

Then there was a brief encounter with hubby #3.  I picked up 2 more dogs on our honeymoon.  TC and Spanky were their names.  A lady was going to put them down and I just couldn’t let that happen.

Freedom again and no hubby just me, TC and Spanky.  Well the good Lord wanted them so along came Arther the shiatsu another dog that needed love but Arthur needed a play mate so to the shelter I went.  There I picked up Babybean.  Now if that was not enough, I wanted a large dog so back to the shelter where I got Brody, such a sweet soul he was.

Then life took me to another state where my dogs and I found a new home.  Fortunately my friend was a dog lover also.  So now here we are with Reggie the poodle and  Megan. I started a Dog sitting business called, “Grannie Annies’s Doggie Motel.”  It was then the little shih tzu Precious was added to the family.  Now how could I have possibly passed that sweet little thing up in the window.  Now you might say that I was and still am a little dog crazy and you are probably right!

So now that I am back in St. Louis there is just me and my little dog Sweetie a Wes tie.  I just happened to stop at the pound and she was due to be put down.  No way, I say!  So there you have it folks, my boomer years with my dogs and I left out a few.   So today I just enjoyed a new Face book friend tagging me with their new little puppy delight.  Oh what joy at the holiday season!  You might say though, I might be a little wiser though because I am NOT heading to the pound to get another.  Instead, I am going to continue enjoying my little Sweetie and meet the wonderful family from Face book and play with their dogs.  You might say, Every great man needs a dog, but in my case it was this boomer just has to have the love of a fluffy little four legged friend!

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A Little Music and A lot of Dancing

I came from a small town where dancing and what they called wild music was just not allowed. But music and dancing became of important part of Boomers lives.

I came from a small town where dancing and what they called wild music was just not allowed.   I mentioned before though that this Boomer is a free spirit.  Remember those little transistor radios back in the day.  Well you could see me at any time with one in my hip pocket.  Of course the hip had to be turned just the right way to get the music to come in clear from the radio station.  Oh and dancing in the small town was just a big no but I had the beat.

On a hot summer day you could catch me listening to some great hits.  I would sing “I’m Sorry” by Brenda Lee at the top on my lungs and couldn’t sing a lick as the old country saying goes.  Then there was Wild Thing, When A Man Loves a Women, and Papa’s Gotta Brand New Bag.  Yes, and don’t get me started on Heat Wave, Sugar, Sugar and Save The Last Dance for Me.

Little did I know that my all time favorite “Harper Vally P.T.A by Jeanne C. Riley would become my early wild boomer life.  Those hot pants and Go Go boots were my thing.  I worked hard and played hard and oh did I love to dance.  I would dance with my broom while cleaning house or dance the night away when out on the town or by then it was the city.

Then along came the song Ride the White Pony and my disco dancing could clear a dance floor any time.  If possible I would stay on a dance floor and close the place down.  They talk about running for exercise in today’s world but I am here to tell you back in the day, I danced for exercise!

Years were passing so I had to change my style.  I met up with a band leader and turned COUNTRY.   Now can you believe those apples.   I have sat with Chuck Berry at one of the places he owned and listened to him get a crowd roaring.  I was on a roll now and switched again.  This time it was Two stepping, country waltz, the 10 step and Cotton eyed Joe just to mention a few country dances.  Don’t let me get started on dancing to that all time great hit, Ride Sally Ride.  OH my, Oh my those were the days of music and dancing.

Then that thing called middle age started to creep up on me and I found my self sitting on a bar stool listening to “The Queen of the Silver Dollar by Dayle Holly.”  That did it!  I had to grow up.  Now that does not mean that I stopped listening to music nor did I stop dancing.  It just means I changed my way of life.  Maybe you could say maturity hit me or maybe I just needed to try something else like meditation music, easy listening,Christian rock, blues and jazz.    I even listened to a little Opera but that night will not be repeated.  It is great music but just not my THANG!

So here I sit today remembering back to Chicago, Three Dog Night, The Beatles and the list goes on and on.  Those tunes will never leave my head and I can still pat my foot any old time.  Yes sirree, those Boomer days were some great times.  Let’s keep on rocking and rolling because the Band Stand Group is not over yet!

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Boomer Childhood Memories

If you are a boomer reading this I hope it took you to a place of importance in your life. I hope you will share your story with others that will listen. Most of all, I hope that it has instilled in you the memory of what is really important. Simple can sometimes be the most priceless of things that we have! Ask yourself, is it too late? Maybe your family can still have some of this on a beautiful week end coming up soon.

As I awaken from a short nap today and sat enjoying a cup of cappuccino, my mind went back in time to my childhood.  I thought of the big city of St. Louis, Missouri where I was born.  It was a city not suburbs as some of us call city today.  I remember the two and four family flats around the neighborhood.  Most families rented.  The flats were not air conditioned.  Instead, a fan was placed in the window for cooling.  Neighbors sat on the front porch steps to cool in the evening.  Those buildings were very hot in the summer time.  Children played on the sidewalks such games as hop scotch and jacks.  Some kids were lucky enough to own a bicycle.  Our treat consisted of getting a nice cold snow cone from the snow cone man when we heard the musical sound of his truck coming. Our parents were blue collar workers. They were proud to have jobs in factories near by.  After a hard day of work some listened to the Cardinal baseball game on the AM station of their radio.  You could smell the aroma of home cooking coming the apartments. Dinner time was called super time and lunch was dinner.  A hearty lunch consisted of half a bologna sandwich and a can of Campbell’s chicken and noodle soup.  Super usually included some form of potatoes, a meat and gravy, peas or beans.  Children did not complain about their meals and Mom’s enjoyed cooking them.

Week ends came and some Dads might have a beer or two.  Mothers did the weekly grocery shopping at an outside fruit and vegetable market.  Meat was purchased from a butcher at the meat store.  The butcher was a friendly sort of chap with meat blood stains on his apron.  He always cut and wrapped a generous good portion in white freezer paper. The butcher knew all his customers by a first name basis.

Some times families enjoyed the parks on Sunday.  I remember the bright colored plastic table clothes spread out on picnic benches.  Huge bowls of potato salad, slaw and all the fixings were there for a wonderful picnic meal.  Adults and children played softball, badminton and shared a lot of laughter and fun.  At the end of the day we were relaxed, a little tired, sometimes sun burned, but happy. That was life in the big city.

Later I remember the move to a small town.  It was a much slower pace.  The town has one grocery store not a butchers shop.  There was a town square that sat right in the middle of the town with the stores around it.  You could see the old cotton gin where farmers brought their cotton in wagons to be ginned and bailed.  Sometimes there was country music players in the square for the town folks entertainment.  It was very important to get to town at the right time on Saturday evening for the town drawing.  I remember waiting anxiously to hear who would win the prize for the week.

On Sunday most folks put on their go to meeting clothes and attended church.  Everyone’s shoes were shined and dressed in their best clothes.  You could see men’s faces freshly shaved.  Women looked as though they just walked out of a country fashion magazine.   Hats were properly taken off prior to entering the building except for the ladies.  Of course they displayed their hats proudly on their heads clipped on with hat pins.

Sunday dinner was a big thing in the small town.  Tables were prepared with the best dishes.  The windows of the houses were open.  Curtains were swinging back and forth in the windows.  You could smell chicken and okra frying.  Potatoes were being mashed with real butter.  The gravy was simmering in the skillet. Fresh pies were coming out of the ovens.  Beautiful red tomatoes were sliced from the garden.  The families gathered around at the table and enjoyed a feast.  After dinner some nodded off for a nap while others just relaxed as if there was not a care in the world.

If you are a boomer reading this I hope it took you to a place of importance in your life.  I hope you will share your story with others that will listen.  Most of all, I hope that it has instilled in you the memory of what is really important.  Simple can sometimes be the most priceless of things that we have!  Ask yourself, is it too late?  Maybe your family can still have some of this on a beautiful week end coming up soon.

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Boomer Memories: A Visit to A Brother in FL

Go deep sea fishing with Working Boomer and her brother and discover the adventure of a lifetime and their treasured monster catch. Boomer stories.

The alarm clock went off at 4 a.m. and I jumped out of bed ready for my fishing trip in South Florida.  This time I had learned a few things from the day before.  I cut off the jeans in my suit case and made shorts to wear along with a halter top.  My carrying bag was full of sun tan lotion.  I was good to go.  By 4:30a.m. my brother and I were at the boat.

It was a nice large boat with a bathroom, table,chairs and an umbrella to keep the sun away.   I thought to myself, ” this is going to be one relaxing fishing trip.” We headed out into the ocean until there was no land to be seen.  The sunrise was beautiful!  My brother stopped the boat so we could begin fishing.

First of all, I could not believe the size of the hooks.  The line was not at all like the line for river fishing  but instead looked to me more like big cable wire wrapped around a huge roller looking thing.  Paul attached a hunk of meat or something on the hook.  Now I had never seen nothing like that before so I figured I had better just do some watching and learning. After casting this large thing out into the ocean, my brother stuck the pole in a big round object and we waited.  It wasn’t long until I saw a large fish in the distance fly up out of the ocean and back down again.  “Wow, look at that!,” I exclaimed to Paul as I looked down at this fishing line which was moving.  Paul responded, “Sis, that flying fish is on your hook.”

Trying to wind in that line was like trying to pull in a bulldozer.  The darn fish got away.  The next fish that hit was a 28 lb. barracuda which Paul caught.  It flopped on the line as it landed on the deck of the boat.  I took a look and  for a moment there, swim or not, I almost jumped overboard.  This fish had big ugly TEETH. Paul said, “Now Sis, don’t try to take the hook out of this baby’s mouth like you do those Missouri fish.”  He didn’t have to worry about that because I was already safely hiding in the bathroom peeking out the door.  Then Paul took some kind of spear looking thing that he called a gaff and stabbed the fish.  Blood went all over the deck.  Now Paul caught a few more barracuda.  I made more escapes to the bathroom.

Then we came upon a group of Red Snapper. He reeled in a lot of those.  Paul really enjoyed snapper catching. Red snapper have BIG red eyeballs.  By that time the sun was drilling down and I was sweating like a big dog, blood everywhere but this was fun.  That is until I had a yank at my line and it took off so fast that I didn’t know what to do.  I tugged, reeled, fought, and was determined to get the fish into the boat.  After what seemed like an hour I had to ask brother for HELP.  It was a Big One!  Now it was at the side of the boat.  I looked down and yelled.  It was Jaws himself.  As you might have already guessed, I was back in the bathroom again.

I finally got brave and came out.  Jaws ate two gaffs.  I threw soda cans down his BIG mouth and the he still wouldn’t die.  We didn’t have a shark gun so Paul made a lasso like you rope cows with and lassoed the shark.  I took the other end of the rope and tied it around the table legs so we could get jaws head above water. Jaws then gave up the fight and went peacefully to his maker.

After hours we headed back to land with Jaws attached to the side of the boat.  We docked. Oh my, what an adventure but the work was just beginning.  We weighed Jaws. It was only a little 6 ft. baby shark but I wanted the shark teeth.  So Paul cut into the shark. Oh  what a smell which sent me running again. Now, I am here to tell you I have never seen so much blood.  In addition, we had to clean the boat before we could return home.

Finally jaws was cut up by a saw and iced in a trash can.  The teeth were cut out gums and all.  So fish, myself, and brother were finally headed home. I was a bit traumatized, hot, tired and ready for a good nap.  That is when I realized that 1p.m. until 4 p.m. was good napping time in South Florida during the summer.

Later, my brother who was a chef, fried up a mess of those red snapper.  Man were they good.  I ate until I was about to pop as my brother encouraged me to eat more.  After I could eat no more Paul asked,  “Sis did you enjoy your fish dinner?”  Now he had that sly grin on his face again.  I said, Oh yes, that was the best fish that I have ever eaten.”  He said, “I’m glad because you just consumed over a $100 worth of fish if you had bought them at the store.”  So once again I learned a little bit about red snapper, barracuda, shark, salt water ocean fishing, big boat cleaning, and was preparing for my next adventure with my brother Paul.

So if any of this interests you then check out vacations and places to live on this site  If you are lucky you might even find a good smoked fish recipe under the title recipes.  Yep, if I had it all to do over, I would not change a thing.  Those were great times and good boomer memories. More Boomer StoriesBoomer Vacations

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My Nightmare Story

As a night shift worker, I sometimes have sleep problems so I get up and write. Writing can be done at any time. Writing clears my mind and brings a sense of accomplishment. One can write anything that their heart desires. So here I sit writing at midnight about something that happened which was rather alarming for a short time.

As a night shift worker, I sometimes have sleep problems so I get up and write.  Writing can be done at any time. Writing clears my mind and brings a sense of accomplishment.  One can write anything that their heart desires.  So here I sit writing at midnight about something that happened which was rather alarming for a short time.

The day was overcast with no sun in sight as I drove to the bank, post office, and grocery store.  After completing my chores, I returned home. I stuck a nice pot roast in the crock pot for dinner. I prepared myself some comfort food for a very late lunch. For desert I ate chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  As normal, I started to feel drowsy. I laid down on the cot by my computer to rest a bit.

Suddenly, odd things started to happen with the computer.  My face book screen was flipping.  Then something even more unusual took place.  Up popped different kinds of screens.  One had my favorite movie on it.  Another pop up stated I had just won a meat market.   A cartoon character appeared on the screen dancing around. The speakers came on very loud.  Heavy metal rock music started to blast through them.  My printer started printing.  Then it began banging.  After all this confusion, face book totally bit the dust.  None of the problems on the screen had any x out buttons.   I just used my mouse and started clicking.  The more I clicked, the more the computer went wild.  There were dogs playing on one side of my screen.  Then I received an email demanding that I publish a story.  Another pop up had a picture of a big hairy thing sticking its tongue out at me.  Having had enough of this nonsense, I tried to shut the computer down, but failed.  “Oh my, I must have been hit by Trojan horses and hacked.”I thought to myself.  I grabbed for the computer plug and disconnected it.  The printer continued to print. The heavy medal continued to play. All the nutty stuff continued to invade my computer screen.

Suddenly I awakened.  My dog was sitting on my stomach. My body was drenched in sweat.  The cover from the cot was on the floor.  The television had a crazy science fiction movie playing.  I glanced at the clock which said 12 midnight.  I looked over at my computer which was turned off.  My broken printer was silent.  What a drag!  I had fallen asleep and had a  NIGHTMARE!

According to, a nightmare can be caused by fear, stress or anxiety and  psychological problems.  Nightmares can also be caused by some foods that we eat before falling asleep.  “That is it!” I thought to myself as I began to remember what I had eaten earlier.

My suggestion for the prevention of a nightmare and peaceful rest is; Don’t eat a chicken salad sandwich, cheddar and bacon potato skins, dill pickles, and peanut chocolate ice cream before laying down after a comfy food feast. If you have a hairy dog, make sure it has its own sleeping spot.  Set your alarm clock in case you fall asleep since you may not want to mess up a good evening.  Above all, be more reasonable about your eating habits than I was.  Henry The Eighth I am NOT!  Even though I love to write stories, I would prefer to eliminate the Nightmares while I continue to write at odd hours of the night.

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