Follow Your Dream

Working Boomer remembers turning age 50 in and I wanting to give herself a gift which would be a cruise.

At times we all have a dream and sometimes those dreams come true.  My dream was to take a cruise.  I  worked in an Oncology office with cancer patients.  There you see and experience many things.  My daughters were raised and were beginning their own lives.  I was single and turning the age of 50. Finances were short but I had a dream.

Many of the people in the office were in support groups and one of them was me.  While attending a group session a pamphlet came across the table advertising a cruise to the Caribbean which would be leaving the next year in January.  It was then July.  I would be turning age 50 in December and I wanted to give myself a gift which would be a cruise.   I lived pay check to pay check but in July we were allowed to sell some of our vacation time back for cash so I did that.  There were those in the office that thought I would never make this dream but it did not matter to me.  I used the $600 and made my first down payment with the remaining money to be paid the following October.

I filled out the papers and made my deposit.  I was to be assigned a roommate.  This was a group from all over the world.  I would know no one but knew we all shared a common interest.  When over time came available I worked and put that money away.  When the summer sales hit at the clothing stores, I was the first one there.  I purchased $200 outfits for as low as $20.  I bought outfits for each theme night on the cruise plus discounted summer wear.

When October came I was able to pay the final payment.  My clothes were bought and packed.  I was good to go.  My dream was on the way.  My supervisor said to me, “Annie, I knew you could do this.” Life does throw us curves.  In November my sister passed away around Thanksgiving which was very traumatic to me.  I thought that it just was not time for me to go off and have fun.  I called the person that co- ordinated the cruise and will never forget his words.  He said, “Ann, I have never met you.  I will refund your money but before doing that do me a favor.  Ask yourself what your sister would have wanted you to do and then call me back.”  I did this.  I knew my sister would want me to continue to live and enjoy life.  So the call was made and my cruise was a go.

The day came.  I left St. Louis in the snow to arrive in Miami, Florida by air.  This was all new to me and another adventure.  I was so excited.  There were so many people at the port.  Nothing was familiar.  It was a bit scary being alone at the time.    The Norwegian ship, the Norway, was huge.  I finally arrived at my cabin and met my room mate.

I was assigned an early dining time with a beautiful family from Iowa.  I bonded quickly with the lady as if she were my sister.  We laughed, shared stories, and many woman to woman secrets.  Then I met others that came with our group.  The group totaled about 400 people.  It was just like having a new family consisting of people of all ages and backgrounds but we shared a common bond.  No one was ever left friendless.

I ate things that I had never even seen before.  I was introduced to Reggae music which I love.  I won money on the boat slots which allowed me to go to a beautiful spa on the boat each day for pampering.  I enjoyed dancing in the night air.  I saw the beautiful sunset across the ocean.  I experienced the beautiful waters at St. Martin.  I visited St. Thomas.  I learned about the Dutch and French cultures. I viewed a nudist beach from a distance.  I had the pleasure of a massage outside under a Palm tree with the ocean wind blowing on my body.  I fellowship ed with people on Cayman Island.  I had my bed sheets turned back each night with a mint laying on my pillow.  For seven days I felt I lived the life of Cinderella.

Then the last day of the trip came.  Some of us hugged and cried while saying our good byes.  We exchanged phone numbers to stay in contact.  We didn’t want to leave each other and the paradise that we had experienced.  We reached port..  We left the ship.  We got to the airport.  We were all taking flights back to our homes from all over the world.  We hugged and then  waved good bye as we boarded our planes.

The trip will never leave my mind.  The beauty of the islands and the water will always be clear and never forgotten.    But more importantly what I will always remember is the beauty of how strangers from all walks of life came together as one big family.  The way we expressed our love for each other and the way we left a mark in each others HEART.  I hope by writing this story as a Working Boomer that I have left a mark in your heart.  Always follow your DREAM.

Opinions Are Like …

The Working Boomer knows everyone has their own opinion and urges Boomers to speak out and strive to make the world a better place.

I am a free spirit Baby Boomer.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is not.  Tonight I am trying to get some cleaning done on my day off but I have a deep urge to write.  The computer is drawing me back like a magnet so I have to just do it!  I HAVE to WRITE!

My oldest brother that has been deceased for many years said, ” Opinions are like a…  Everyone has one.”  He was a great person in his later years and everyone loved him.  I will try to do a story on him at another time because he was a free spirit also and inspired me.  I found him in his many travels when I was 20 years old.  My life has changed and continues to change from that day forward.

My point here is just this.  We all have opinions.  Some are good and some are not.  We all are human.  We all make mistakes.  We all have the right to CHOOSE. Today my choice is to be the person that I am meant to be.  I am real.  I am alive.  I am who I am.  I can change.  I can have an opinion.  You can choose to agree or disagree.  You are you.  You are alive. you can change. You have the right to your opinion.  You fit in your own mold.  I fit in my mold.  Our differences make Us even stronger.  Thank God for a country where we can have the RIGHT  to SHARE our Opinions.

Now in conclusion I will just say, thank you to ALL that express your opinions, speak out and strive to make the world a better place in EVERYTHING YOU DO.  Now that I have written, I will be able to get back to some serious cleaning.  Keep smiling Folks.  Life is what WE  make it!

A Night Out With A Working Boomer

Working Boomer Night Patrol

It’s 9 p.m. the alarm clock sounds.  It is time for the Working Boomer to suit up and show up for night shift duty in security.  At 10:30 p.m. the work night begins. It’s dark.  The 5 senses; sight, sound,touch,smell, and taste are on high alert.

I walk. The weather is cold.  My face burns from the wind.  The school building from the outside looks secure.  I check the doors. One is unlocked.  I go into the school.  I proceed with caution.  Everything appears secure.  I listen for unusual sounds. The building is clean.  I smell wax.  The floors have a new shine.  I open a door to a closet.  In it are mops and cleaning supplies.  The hallways are decorated with student projects.  I read.  One sign says, “Check your ATTITUDE.”  Another sign lists ways to SUCCEED.  There is a picture of Mother Teresa smiling.  I smile.  I continue my check.  All is clear.

I drive down a long road to my next school. My headlights are on high beam.  I slow down.  A deer crosses the road in front of me.  A raccoon ducks back in to the grass at the side of the road.  A possum lays on the road.It has been hit by a vehicle.  I arrive at the next school.  Morris the cat is hanging out at the dumpster.  Mr. Rabbit sits in his hole. I smell the smoke from fire places in the near by neighborhood houses.  The lights in the houses are turned off.  People are asleep.  I continue my walk.  That building has been checked.

I return to my patrol car.  I hear a helicopter overhead.  It must be taking someone to a near by trauma emergency room.  I drive down the road.  There sits a police officer watching everything closely.  Bright lights come on behind me.  A siren sounds.  I pull over to let the fire truck pass.  I wonder where the fire is.  I start to get a little sleepy.  I stop at the nearest 7 eleven store.  I smell the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.  I pour a cup and take a sip.  It’s hot but I become more alert.  I pay and leave.

I drive to the next school.  It’s 1:00 a.m.  A vehicle is parked in a dark area at the back of the school.  I shine my spot light.  I see 2 people inside.  I contact another security officer by nextel telephone. I let him know that I  will be getting out of my car to investigate.  I approach the car on foot cautiously.  I grip my flash light. The car windows are steamed over.  I feel the heat from the car engine.  I look inside.  Two people are in the vehicle straightening their clothing.  I ask for ID.s.  They are over 17 years on age.  I ask more questions.  I explain the rules of tress passing on the property.   I look around. I see nothing damaged in the area.  I ask them to leave.  They cooperate peacefully and drive away.

It is getting later. The night dark air is much colder. I turn up the heat in my vehicle.  Dave Ramsey is on station 97.1 talk radio station.  He is explaining how to become debt free and be a millionaire.  I listen.  My mind wanders.  I think about my birthday coming up this month when I will be 62 years old which is early retirement age.  I think about the thousand dollars I could drawn from social security which is not enough to live on. I think about the good health care benefits that I have on my job knowing if I retired at 62 there would be no health care for me.  I change the radio station to the oldies station to listen to some good music from my early years of living.

I drive to the next building.  The paper man pulls in.  He sets the papers at the school door and leaves.  He is another working boomer out in the night.  Then the milk man and bread trucks pull onto the school grows.  Their delivery is made.  A semi truck pulls in.  It’s dark.  He turns his truck around.  He missed his turn to the warehouse down the road where he was to pick up a load to take to a grocery store.  I wonder if he is alert.  I think about his family.  How long has it been since he has been home.  How long has it been since he has had a home cooked meal. I look across the road at the County Police Dept. and jail.  I hear noises.  A person is becoming verbal with the officer as he is being taken in to the jail.

I drive to the school bus lot.  It is all secure.  It is 4 a.m. and drivers are starting to show up for their day of work. A few minutes later I look again.  The school buses are now running.  The buses are being pre tripped.  The bus lights are on.  The lights shine brightly in the dark.

I drive to the high school and park.  I roll my car window down.  I hear water rushing in the sewer drain by my vehicle.  I think to myself, “Why is there water running in the drain.  It has not rained for weeks.  I get out of my car to check.  The water is clear.  A pipe must be broken.  I do a check.  I leave a message for a day maintenance person regarding my observation.  My telephone rings.  The alarm company is on the other end.  They tell me there is an alarm going off at one of my other schools.  I respond to that school.  I investigate.  There is no intruder.  A motion sensor just detected something that fell off the wall.  I am not afraid.  I can not allow fear to over take me.  This is my job!

I report back to the main high school.  The stars are twinkling but I see that the sun is about to creep out.  My night shift duty is about over.  I wipe my face with a cold cloth.  I need to look alert.  I put eye drops into my eyes to cover the red.  The custodians arrive.  The school building comes alive with lights turned on.  It is 5:30 p.m.  Cars are pulling up to the entrance of the school.  Parents are dropping off their children prior to going to their day job.  I watch as the teen ages enter the building.  I smile.  They are our future.

It is 6:30 a.m. and my shift is over.  I put on my sun glasses to drive home.  The light hurts my eyes.  The road now is full of traffic.  The day people are up and rushing off to their jobs.  Everyone is in a hurry.  My night time peace is no longer on the roads.  I arrive home.   I enter my apartment.  I take off my heavy work boots and massage my feet.    I prepare for my bedtime rest.  I have seen the world through rose colored glasses.  I have seen the world with real glasses.   I think of a quote by Winston Churchill.  “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”  I SMILE. My night was a success.  I maintained courage.  I say a prayer.  I thank God for the opportunity and strength that He has given me.  I ask Him to give that same strength to others as they begin their work day.

Is is now time for WorkingBoomer to rest but not RETIRE.  I smile again.  Life is just as it is suppose to be just for day.  My night was a SUCCESS.  Now it is time to rest..

Working Boomer Starts To Blog

Working Boomer joins facebook and now starts to blog. Boomer Places is a Boomer Blog with Boomer stories and Boomer Topics.

It has been about a year since I started using Face book which is a social network. As a single person working the night shift and all week ends, there is not much time for a social life. My daughters are grown and have their own family activities. I began to realize that something was missing in my life at age 61 which needed to be fixed. Retirement was not an option. I like my job; I have good benefits and a good employer so I asked myself, “What can I do? What can I change?

I sat down at the computer and signed into Face Book. This was a new adventure for me going into a social network/cyberspace. There I sat friendless. Then I added on my two daughters and a few of their friends. I did a search and found a couple of people that I use to know. Wow, did I have a lot to learn so the learning process began. At that time I had the Internet on a land line phone which did not give me much of that wonderful tool the Google bar. Each day in my spare time, I would go into Face Book and say hello to my daughters. This was fun. Then one day I saw a nice comment on my daughters post by one of her friends. Immediately, I ask that person to be my friend in a comment. Whoops, this did not go over to big with my daughter at the time and she responded with a comment saying, “Mom, get your own friends.” Now this started another learning process.

So daily I would go into Face Book and make a nice comment. Usually no one replied back because I had no friends. Some times I would write something funny and other times I would write some thing inspiring. My daughter called and asked, “Mom what are you doing?” I responded, “I am trying to make friends on Face book and if someone does happen to read something positive that I have written or laughs at something I post then I have helped someone. I think she thought I was a little nuts but she knew her Mom is a free spirit and would continue with this silly routine.

Then one day a comment came onto one of my post by Retirement Media. Immediately I asked, ‘Who are you?’ It was explained to me that there was this site that I might be interested in so I decided to check it out. It contained so many good things. I searched some of the places that it offered for retirement. I looked at nursing facilities, read about health, wellness, motivation and found it had everything I needed to read and dream about as a Working Boomer. If something really interested me, I left a comment.

Then came the day I was able to get real cable internet with a much improved Google bar which opened another exciting cyber space experience but I never forgot my friend Retirement Media.

I even remember the first question that I commented on in Face book Retirement Media. The question was; if you could have any dream job of your choice what would that be? Now I like to dream so I replied, “A comedian on a cruise ship.” I definitely enjoyed my relationship with Retirement Media. I stopped listening to the news on television . Now I read the Retirement Media Newspaper instead.

One day this nice gentleman named Robert Fowler friended me. Now it turns out this guy owns this Retirement Media. He has a nice wife and she friended me too. Now this was a beginning to a Big Adventure! Mr. Fowler asked if I wanted to be co-administrator on Retirement Media Face book. Of course I said yes because I enjoy learning, dreaming, playing and reading all the helpful articles that are there. Someday, I plan on getting one of those over 55 apartments that Mr. Fowler has displayed and make my dream come true.

In the mean time though, I am still working my full time job, Face booking, Twitter tweeting, and blogging. for Retirement Media. Thank you Mr. Robert Fowler the person that made this pretty blog page possible. Now I am having so much fun that I may NEVER retire. Thank you Robert and by the way, I nick name those I like so when I talk about you to my friends in St. Louis, I call you Mr. Google Man. It is so much fun to Live, Laugh and Love!