Using Boomer Wisdom To Be Healthy

There are four important parts of the human make up to have a healthy life style: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In my younger years of life my priority focus was on how I looked on the outside. With age comes that wonderful part of our life called WISDOM and a more balanced approach to healthy living.

There are four important parts of the human make up to have a healthy life style and to improve Boomer health: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  In my younger years of life my priority focus was on how I looked on the outside.  My favorite exercise was walking.  Sometimes I would walk at least 5 miles each day either on a treadmill or in the park.  I was constantly dieting, measuring my waistline and switching from one health club to another.  After years of this I realized that there was more than just looking good on the outside in order to be a whole person.

Boomers Should Maintain a Healthy Balance.

Today it is important for Boomers to maintain a healthy balance.  Meditation deepens one’s self awareness and strengthens self esteem and acceptance.  It empties our minds in order to let the good stuff in.  At night I play meditation Cd’s which help me to relax.  I practice slowing down and deep breathing to deal with stress.

Spiritually nourishes us in a deep place, provides us with a sense of meaning and purpose, and brings us home to ourselves  to be a better person.  I read the Bible daily.  There are many good books out there such as ,The Art of Happiness: a handbook for Living by Dalai Lami and Howard Cutler.  In addition there are audio books, tapes, and spiritual music to sooth one’s soul.  The public library, places of worship and many other sources provide these aids at little or no cost.

When my mood starts to get a little low I find that it helps to be around positive, healthy spiritual people.  Just being outside and enjoying the sunlight helps to lift my spirits. An hour spent in a park  walking, listening to nature, looking at  ducks in the water can be uplifting.  The joy of getting out of myself by helping another person is the biggest reward of all.

Sometimes I use slogans that I have pasted on my wall or counter top.  One is H.A.L.T =  Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.  This is such a simple word but has a large impact on my life.  When I ask myself what have I eaten today, was I angry about something, did I isolate too much, did I get the proper rest I then can see what I need to improve.  I used to keep this posted on my bulletin board in front of my desk when I worked in oncology.  It proved to be my measuring stick for a better healthy balance.

Now that I am entering into my senior years, I am grateful for life’s experiences.  I understand that there is no one quick fix to being healthy.  It does not come in pill form that one swallows then all of life’s problems disappear.  It can not come in one visit to a place of worship or a one time visit to the gym.  It instead takes daily practice and the willingness to live.  When that last day arrives I want to look back and be able to say, “Life was a challenge but I did the best that I could do to contribute to the meaning of my life and the lives of others.”  With age comes that wonderful part of our life called WISDOM.

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The Hats That People Wear During The Holiday Season

Working Boomer shows gratitude and appreciation to those who service our lives everyday.

The holidays bring back many memories of yesterday and today.  For me it is a time of reflection.  That is the way that I live, laugh and learn.  People from around the world wear many hats.  Each person plays an important part in how they give to the world.  Today I was thinking about those people that serve during the holiday season.  Sometimes we may not notice them, as we go about our daily routine. We hustle and bustle, preparing for special occasions in our own lives.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would like to thank those that wear the special hats.  There are many.  I could not possibly list them all but I will attempt to mention a few that I have noticed.

First on my list are health care people.  Some work in assisted living facilities.  They give care to aging seniors. That senior may not even have a visitor during the holiday season.  Even though health care people have their own families and friends to think about, they put on a happy face while going about their duties at work.  The same goes for those that work in hospital and other health care settings.  Some may work long or extra  shifts on the holiday. They give up their own time to meet the needs of their patients.   They wear a very special hat which never covers what is in their heart.  If you see one of these folks, please smile and tell them thank you.  Let them know how special that they are.  It always feels good to know how much one is appreciated.

Then there are the police, firefighters, and security people that help keep the communities safe for our enjoyment.  They work hard.  They are ready in a split second to put on their duty hat and respond when that call for help comes in.  Their families too are home missing them and hoping that they will return home safely.  If you see one of them, show your gratitude.  It is easy to miss them until a need arises.

Most of us have visited malls during the last few week.  The lights and decoration are beautiful.  Sometimes you find the floors of those malls shining with a fresh glaze of wax.  The service people do a great job of cleaning and decorating for our pleasure.  If you see one of them just say thank you.  It might be the only thank you that they get this holiday season.  You might be the very person that makes their day!

It was really cold out last week as I passed the lady outside a store ringing the Salvation Bell.  She had a big smile on her face.  She spoke to each person as they entered the store.  Most people just rushed on by but she continued to ring the bell with a smile.  Next time you are out, maybe just take a moment to let them know how important they are for donating their time.  Maybe place a dime or so in the can if you so choose.

Have you noticed all the different hats of service people that are getting those parties ready for groups during the holiday season?  They rush around and cater to our every need with a smile on their face.  I am sure their feet are hurting from the long hours that they have to stand.  So when your tummy is full of those great holiday drinks, foods, and desserts that they serve, maybe just shake their hand.  Wish them a great time when they get home to their families.  You have the ability to make their night or day as you wear your party hat.

Have you ever noticed what type of hat that your postal person wears as he or she carries that extra mail during the holiday season?  Maybe it depends on the weather in your area to describe their hat.  Just a little thank you note pinned to your mailbox might just make their day and lighten a burden for them that they carry.  Sometimes folks just need to know that you care.

I know that most schools are out during the holiday week.  I have noticed many teachers coming in on the week ends. Some stay late after the work day has ended.  The class rooms are decorated so the kids can enjoy this special time of the year.  Some teachers have been seen wearing Santa Claus hats.  If you see a teacher as you rush to pick up your child after class, maybe thank them for their efforts.  I am sure they will appreciate it.

There are  many volunteers from churches, and other organizations that  pass out candy, fruit baskets, food and toys during the holiday season.  I am sure the needy families are more than grateful.  If you see one of them maybe offer them a nice cup of coffee.  Let them know how special they are too.  They might even take their hat off for a minute and share an inspiring story with you.

Yes, there are many hats that are worn during the holiday season.  Some we notice and some we do not.  Most folks notice Santa’s hat so I hope this has helped you to think about all the people that wear other special hats.  My hat then goes off to you.

Since it is impossible for me to mention all the hats, I would like to hear about some of the hats that you noticed this year.  What was the best hat that touched your heart in a special way?    Wear your hat proudly as you share your love and sunshine with others during this special time of the year.  May peace and joy be with you as you wear your special hat this year.

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Boomer Wisdom: The Doers, The Gonna Dos and The You Should Do People

I have been thinking about people and have narrowed my thoughts to three different types of people. There are the Doer’s, the Gonna Do’s and the You Should Do folks.

There is a blizzard going on where I live right at this moment.  Highways have been shut down. The National Guard has been called out.  The American Red Cross have set up Emergency Stations.  The  blizzard has given me some think time.  I have been thinking about people and have narrowed my thoughts to three different types of people.  There are the Doers, the Gonna Dos and the You Should Do folks.

The doers seem to always be busy.  They work hard at getting things done and take pride in their accomplishments.  Some work fast paced jobs which require quick thinking, a sound mind and spirit.  They belong to different organizations and volunteer a lot of their time toward civic and community services.  Their homes usually are very organized.  They  live healthy life styles.  Some  participate in sports events or exercise at the gym.  A doer likes to learn and can be found researching new ways to do things by putting their knowledge into action.  When a crisis hits the doer is right there to take an active part in what ever needs to be done.

Unlike the Doer, the Gonna Do appears to have a lot on his or her plate.  Some lack organizational skills while others just plain procrastinate.  They make a lot of false promises and have a problem with commitment.  It appears they have good intentions but spend more time dreaming than doing.  You can find a Gonna Do looking at a project that someone else completed and saying, “I was gonna Do that.”  When a crisis takes place the Gonna Do jumps to the end of the line and waits for someone else to do.  After the situation is over the Gonna Do does not get much credit for a job well done because he or she never got started.

Then there are those well known You Should Do people.  They always think that their way is the only way and are more than willing to tell you how you should do.  They come across a little bossy and have difficulty seeing your life as being different to theirs.  Even though they might be good people they can really get on a person’s last nerve.  Don’t even bother to argue or prove a point with a You should Do person because it is just a lost cause.  In a crisis the You Should Do people need to just hush and take a seat somewhere.

We will have and have always had these three types of people so here is my suggestion on how to keep things flowing productively with a mix of these folks.

  1. Let the Should Do People do their thing independently and allow them to take care of their own little world.  They will make accomplishments but keep your distance so that you can create things on your own too.
  2. Now for the Gonna Dos you need to practice a little patience and tolerance.  It might even be helpful to just hand them something and tell them to get started.  Sometimes they just need a little push.
  3. Always count your blessings and be grateful for the Doers.  You might want to join up with them and have a little fun.  Then again maybe you are in a place that you can just sit back, rest, relax and allow them to do.

Just remember folks, no matter what, there are always going to be different kinds of people.  As a matter of fact each type has something to teach us.  By observing these folks we can decide just what kind of a person that we want to be or even maybe we might just want to be a little of all three.

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