Have You Given Yourself A Break Today?

Nature: Peaceful, Relaxing, and Breath Taking at Times

As a child, I remember spending a lot of time outside with nature. Nature is relaxing. When birds sing, there is joy in the sound. Have you ever just sat peacefully watching birds fly from tree to tree, without a care in the world? They appear so free and at peace. Then as the sun goes down, a beautiful tree or bush becomes their place of rest for the night, while they sing their last song for the day. After a rain fall, their sound is strong, peaceful and uplifting. The air is not only fresh, and delightful to the senses but filled with tranquility. It is as if birds were born to bring happiness to the hearts of humans. Recently, I read an article from the New York Times called, Taking Your Brain For A Walk, by Tara Parker-Pope. She emphasized the health benefits of walking. She stated that walking is not only good for our dogs but healthy for humans too. There is a world of nature to be enjoyed while taking a leisurely walk in a park, along a river, around a pond, on a beach or even in our own back yards.

Have you even just sat and watched the sky when it is a magnificent blue? The fluffy white clouds move around while forming different shapes which are so pleasing to the eyes. It is as though you can almost see pictures of animals, people, and objects in their cloud formation. The clouds float, separate and lazily cover the sun for fleeting moments, as a cooling effect touches your body. Now and then, you can see a bird gliding in the air as it stretches its winds with a sense of power and ease. The world seems at peace.

The smell of roses, honey suckles, and lilacs can calm a stressful mind. Have you ever picked an orange from an orange tree and squeezed the orange juice into your mouth? The taste is sweet and delicious as the juice touches your tongue. Your senses come alive with the freshest of the wonderful smell and taste. It is as though you can almost feel the vibrating energy flow from the orange into your body with every bite. You feel alive!

Have you ever experienced a spring shower while walking in the woods or maybe just sitting in a peaceful park area? It comes quickly but does not last long. The rain is light as it falls upon the leaves of the trees and grass. Instantly the grass and leaves appear to come alive with a richer shade of green. Squirrels and rabbits come out of their hiding places as if to do a happy dance. There seems to be no fear associated with the natural setting. The wind lazily blows the leaves across the ground as if it is rearranging the beautiful surrounding for natures little creatures.

Have you ever watched a bunny rabbit as it wiggled its nose as if to say, “Look at me!” I remember watching a butterfly with all of its beautiful colors and lines. It looked like an artist had painted the butterfly, paying close attention to each minor detail to bring out its beauty. Then there is the feel of a small baby rabbit that has become separated from its mother. The fur is soft and silky to the touch. The little guy just wants to be loved and grow strong to hop around while making new rabbit friends.

There is a world of beauty for us to enjoy outside in nature. It is peaceful, relaxing, and breath taking at times. It is there for you and me to enjoy. It cost nothing but is worth so much. It can help us to see through the eyes of a child and feel young at heart. Our pleasures are many if we just take the time to look around, relax and enjoy the moment. Have you given yourself a healthy break today? Have you taken the time to take your brain for a much needed loving and peaceful walk?  It is not to late.  Why not try it!  We have a lot to do in the world today.  There is much to be enjoyed and it might be right at our finger tips.

Originally posted 2011-03-16 15:03:36.