On The Road To Grandma’s House

Let us not forget the stories that Grandma can share with her grandchildren as they get older. Those are stories and experiences that a grandchild has missed. It is a time of the past that has lead to today.

Grandma visitYesterday, I learned that I would be a grandmother of a little baby girl in March of 2012.  This was very exciting news.  Then I began to think about events of the past and the future.  There are many stories and nursery rhymes about grandchildren on the road to grandma’s house.  I remember skipping road and going down the street to see my grandmother.  Then there was the ride into the hills to visit my grandmother from my Dad’s side of the family.  We lived in a very small town so neither trip took very long, but was fun.  I looked forward to those times, as many of us did.  The smell of fresh baked pies and family get together is still clear in my mind from those days.  The one thing that I do not remember is a visit to our house from my grandparents.  Have times changed?  I believe that they have.

Today there are single boomer grandparents living in the city.  Some of us are waiting to move into senior citizen retirement apartments.  Others are living in 55 communities and enjoying the good life.  A Lot of grandparents are attending events at their local senior center in order to stay active and social.  Many boomer grandparents are traveling to see the world at a late age.  Then there are those that are unable to travel due to illness, the economy or the necessity to keep working in order to make a living.

Some grandchildren live with their parents in the grandparents home.  Others may have grown children that live thousands of miles away.  As a boomer, can you relate with this?  Grown children sometimes expect the grandparents to visit their homes because it is more convenient for them, due to busy times in this generation.  Travel can be costly for parents and grandparents.  It is not as easy to skip rope down to Grandma’s house.

There are grandparents living in assisted living facilities.  I wonder just how many parents bring their children there to visit with Grandma.  I do hope they come on a regular basis.  There is nothing that can bring a smile to an older person’s face than the sight of a child.  That Grandma would enjoy a hug from her grandchildren.  There is something very special between grandchildren and grandparents.  The bonding is important to keep the family spirit alive.

Even though many grandparents are learning modern technology in adult classes, it is wonderful to have that grandchild that can help Grandma to learn.  Let us not forget the stories that Grandma can share with her grandchildren as they get older.  Those are stories and experiences that a grandchild has missed.  It is a time of the past that has lead to today.

Yes, it is important to take the road to Grandma’s House.  It is important to allow the bonding to take place.  Grandma’s house may not be as it was many years ago in story books.  The house may be different.  It may be larger, smaller, brighter or sometimes even darker than those we have read about.  Pies may no longer be cooking in the oven because times have changed.  The importance of grandchildren and grandparents bonding has not changed.  Boomers and boomer children let us keep that alive.  Take the time to take the trip on the road to Grandma’s house.

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Originally posted 2011-10-06 13:35:56.