Boomer Living: The Power Of 24 Positive Small Words

Small words can carry power to inspire, bring hope, joy, and encouragement to others.

There are many sayings about words such as:  A picture is worth a thousand words, actions speak louder than words and etc.  We as boomers have taught and heard powerful words..  We smiled when we heard some small words spoken for the first time by our grandchildren and children before them.

Remember the first time that you heard the word Mama or Da Da uttered from a babies voice.  If you didn’t have children of your own then maybe there was a time that you heard just your name spoken from a little one.  I bet you smiled.  As adults maybe it would be good to go back and focus on small words that create positive reactions for us and others.

When we practice small things like small words it will give us the power to grow and experience what is good in each other.  It is simple and free.

This is a list that I have been using more often.  It is rewarding to see how the words work.

24 Positive Small Words

  1. I love you.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Excuse me.
  4. I care.
  5. You are special.
  6. Good morning.
  7. How are you?
  8. That was very nice.
  9. I understand and admire your courage.
  10. Your smile is like sunshine.
  11. You have such a good listening ear.
  12. The things you do are important.
  13. You did a great job.
  14. We can do this together.
  15. You inspire me by trying.
  16. I appreciate you.
  17. Your sharing makes a difference.
  18. You were missed when you were gone.
  19. You have brought joy into my life.
  20. You can do it.
  21. I noticed your kind deed.
  22. I enjoyed being with you.
  23. You are never alone.
  24. You touched my heart.

Yes, small words can carry power to inspire, bring hope, joy, and encouragement to others.  Then the positive effects come back to us.  I will ask you to join me in a review of small words that we can use to create harmony, peace, and love in our baby boomer journey of life.  You can do it.  It is okay.  We did it as babies.  We taught our children.  Now let’s not forget the importance and the positive power of small words.  It is up to you. It is never too late. What other words can we add and practice that are small but very powerful?   It is not being childlike.  It is really about showing how grown up we really are.  Today might be the day that your life or the life of another will be changed with the power of a kind and considerate small word.

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A Positive Attitude Is A Choice

Boomers can strive to develop a positive attitude or remain negative; it is a choice. A positive attitude can lead us to happiness and success.

Boomers: Why Develop a Positive Attitude?

There are many things in life that we do not have the power to change such as the weather, time, and certain life events. The one thing that we can change is our attitude. Some of us are pessimists and others are optimists. We can strive to develop a positive attitude or remain negative; it is a choice.

A pessimist expects things to go wrong and dwells on the negative while an optimist maximizes the positive and minimizes the negative. Making a choice to develop a positive attitude and living in the now has many rewards, not only to our self-esteem but affects our life and the lives of others. Living many of my earlier years as a pessimist, I missed opportunities, happiness, peace of mind, and joy that life had to offer. Today it is important that I strive to maintain a positive attitude. Here I will list reasons that influenced my choice.

Negative Attitude
Creates stress
Keeps one from developing ourselves to our full potential
Causes physical problems such as headaches, stomach problems, sleep disorders, and fatigue
Increases fear which can dominate our life and life decisions
Keeps us from meeting life on life’s terms
Can keep us in a state of blame and procrastination
Effects the lives of those around us
Stands in our way of meeting goals and succeeding
Produces doubt, bitterness, insecurity, and anger
Takes away our positive energy and the joy of living

Positive Attitude
We cope better with daily living
We experience joy and happiness
It bring optimism into our life and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking
Displays self esteem and confidence
We have more energy and inner peace
Gives us the power to inspire and motivate ourselves and others
People actually enjoy being around us and helps us develop healthy relationships
Inspires us to succeed
Gives us a greater appreciation for the little things in life
Gives us hope during difficult times
Inspires us to love, create, and be the best person that we can be
Opens up a whole new way of thinking about life, respect, and our value system
Enables us to be a succeed without ego or grandiose ideas

A positive attitude can lead us to happiness and success. There are no benefits to a negative attitude if we are into mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual living. Your attitude is contagious! What is your choice? What better gift can you give to yourself and those around than by developing a positive attitude?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”  –    quote by Winston Churchill

Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable ,or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same-Francesca Reigler

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