When Illness Strikes Are You Prepared?

When illness strikes it can be swiftly and without warning. This can be devastating if you are not prepared. When one is not feeling well it is more difficult to think and respond as one should. How many of us though really take the time to set up small things in our lives that help us when something happens unexpectedly?

Preparation for Illness

When illness strikes it can be swiftly and without warning.  This can be devastating if you are not prepared.   When one is not feeling well it is more difficult to think and respond as one should.  How many of us though really take the time to set up small things in our lives that help us when something happens unexpectedly?

I have read where boomers are living longer.  Some are living alone.  Some may not have near by relatives or friends that can be there for them on a minutes notice.  Some times we may just need to prepare small things for ourselves in order to deal and carry out our own responsibilities as they happen.

Our thinking can effect our life situations and how we feel.   Do we think positive for positive results?  Are we prepared when our thinking might not be at its best until we have time to recover? In skilled nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, professionals work with patients to help them think and prepare.  Maybe it would be good to focus on just a few of these things today. Also if one is fortunate to have a person to assist them then having these things done in advance could also make it much easier for another to assist us.

  1. Do you have a full bottle of an over the counter pain reliever in your medicine cabinet at all times?
  2. Do you have plenty of liquids in your home that might go easy on your stomach if it gets a little upset?
  3. Do you know that it is better to take most medicines after eating a little something to keep the medications from upsetting your stomach?
  4. Do you know that ice is for swelling?  Do you know when to use ice or heat?
  5. Do you have a small first aid kit available?
  6. Do you have a small bag packed with small necessities such as tooth brush, a change of night clothing, brush, comb, or any small items that you use on a daily basis?
  7. Do you have a list of your medications written down with the dosages in case you have to go to the Dr. or a hospital?
  8. Do you have your insurance cards in a place where you can find them easily?
  9. Do you know that in addition to a co pay some insurances have an out of pocket expense to be met before the insurance company starts paying.  Some physicians offices and hospitals require this to be paid prior to non life treating emergencies before treatment?
  10. Do you have an advanced directive written which is also called a living will in case you are unable to speak for yourself?
  11. Do you have a list of phone numbers written down in case your cell phone has lost its charge and your numbers are in it?  This will include your Dr.,relatives, hospital, employer, fire dept, police and etc.
  12. Do you keep Popsicles, small cups of pudding, jello,canned soup,ice cream and etc. on hand instead of having to run to the grocery store if you get sick in the middle of the night or there is a snow storm outside?
  13. Do you keep enough gasoline in your tank in case you have to leave your home quickly and do not have the time to stop to fill your tank?
  14. If you have a pet is there enough pet food in your home to feed that pet for a few days?
  15. If you have a neighbor that you feel comfortable enough with, have you asked for their phone number and written it down in case of an emergency?
  16. Do you have an extra spare car and home key hidden somewhere?
  17. Do you really know how to put a large pill in your mouth to swallow so that you do not risk choking?  What would you do if you were alone and found that you were choking?
  18. If you wear glasses do you have a set of readers or a spare set of regular glasses somewhere in case yours break?  I would be up a creek if I had to drive or read without my glasses.
  19. When the electric goes out and there is no television but there is light, do you have some fun magazines, books, and etc. to keep yourself entertained until the electric has been restored?
  20. Have you ever put off doing the laundry until there is no more clean underwear?  What if you get sick and need a clean pair?
  21. Have you ever been late for something and the button just popped off your favorite shirt?  Do you have a needle and tread handy?
  22. Do you have new batteries in the flashlight by your night stand?  A flash light will do no good if the batteries do not work you know.
  23. Do you always have enough toilet paper on hand or do you get down to your last roll?
  24. Do you have an umbrella in your car and your home?  It does little good if your umbrella is in the car when you need to get to the car?
  25. Do you have an ice scraper and boots for that unexpected snow?
  26. Oh and how about a fly swat or old newspaper for that spider on the wall or the fly that flew in while the door was open.
  27. Do you keep inexpensive baking soda in your refrigerator?  It also has many many other purposes other that as a refrigerator fresher.
  28. Do you have a bottle of vinegar?  It too can be used for many different things.  Just read up on vinegar as a cleaning agent.
  29. Did you know that an infected tooth can carry infection to your heart which could result in death? Other wards keep your appointments for your dental check ups.
  30. Did you know there are many foods that can help lower blood pressure and others that increases blood pressure?  What are some of those foods?  Are you eating them?

Does any of this apply to you?  Have you really taken the time to think and prepare for the unexpected?  How well are you prepared to take care of yourself?”  Just keeping things as simple as we can and being prepared for the little things can make our lives a lot less stressful, don’t you think? As human beings we want to meet life’s challenges with our BEST thinking and preparation.  As we do this we move forward from simple to better, and negative to positive thinking. This enables us to be our best self and seek out the best in others. So again why not prepare so that when our brain may be a little weary we can let it rest a bit and feel the comfort of knowing that we are prepared to take care of ourselves.

Originally posted 2011-01-17 17:44:14.