A New Years Eve Retirement Dream Becomes a Resolution

Resolve to make your retirement dream a reality. Set goals, strive toward success, don’t give up and enjoy the journey. Make your retirement dream come true.

A Retirement Dream Becomes a Resolution

It’s New Years eve and my patrol rounds are complete.  The buildings are secure.  The streets and neighborhoods are busy as people celebrate the coming of year 2011.  At midnight I park the vehicle and listen to fireworks go off all around the area.  The night sky lights up with beauty as the New Year is now here.  At 2.p.m. all is quiet. It’s time for a break.  The winter air is cold.  The warm heat in the vehicle feels good.  I stare at the silent building.

Dave Ramsey is talking about financial peace on the radio station.  It makes sense.  I am now 62 years of age.  I wish I had learned his steps sooner.  My debts will be paid off in March of this year.  I have been trying to work his program this passed year to become debt free.  My 2010 goal is almost complete. I switch the radio station to oldies.  In the Still Of the Night is playing.  My eyes are heavy.  Now the 1973 single hit by Gladys Knight, Midnight Train to Georgia is on the air..  I think of Maya Angelo and her struggles as she persevered to gain success and her quote, “Nothing will work unless you do it” comes to my mind.  My mind wanders off to the 55 community guide that I have visited often dreaming of a retirement place.

It is a gorgeous warm sun shiny morning as I look out my apartment window.  The birds are singing a happy tune as I watch my new neighbor next door work in his flower garden.  The pool looks inviting.  My friend John looks so relaxed reading the newspaper as he soaks up the healthy sunshine in his lounge chair by the pool.  Ms. Epstein is getting into her car to go the Monday class she is taking to learn about computers.  At 1p.m. I will get dressed to go  to the nursing facility where I have a part time job.  I hope Jim does better today as I encourage him to walk and smile.  He is such a delightful patient.  I think I will lay by the pool awhile before work and allow the warm soothing heat from the sun to relax my body and feel the arthritis pain disappear.

I say hello to my new friend George as I lay my towel across the lounge chair.  I ask him if we are still on for the date we made for Friday night to attend the outdoor theater near by.  I smile.  He touched my hand and replied, “Yes, of course.  I have been looking forward to that all week.  We will have fun.”  My heart skips a little beat.  A warm fuzzy runs through my stomach.  Could that be butterflies at my age  64?  I tell myself, “Don’t worry about it just enjoy the moment.”  Life is good!  I am happy that I found this retirement community when I did living up north in the big city.  It was a good choice to  move to this warm southern community with a small town charm.

Ten minutes have passed.  Break time is over.  I now have not only a dream but a New Years resolution.  I will be the best person that I can be, live in the moment, laugh at my mistakes, love what is, and continue working on my goals set in front of me.  I will make it to that southern town.  I will enjoy my new friends and my new part time job helping others to push forward.  I will not give up.  I will take the steps necessary to make my  dream a reality for my boomer retirement years. I am grateful for a positive attitude.

It is 6:30 p.m. and I get in my car to drive home.  I am eager to get to my computer to do some more research, write down my goals for the new year and write my story.  Life is what one makes it!  Set goals, strive toward success, don’t give up and enjoy the journey.  Make your retirement dream come true.

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A WorkingBoomer’s Baby Boomer Dream

Retirement dreams can changes. Working Boomer shares her dream for this year.

Martin Luther King, said many years ago, “I have a dream.”  At the age of 63 and a member of the baby boomer generation, I have a dream.  It may come true or it may not.  That is how dreams work.  In the sixty three years of my life, as it has been in the lives of all baby boomers, we have had many dreams.  Some of us dreamed up retirement and living the life of luxury.  Others dreamed of good health, close families, love, security, wealth, and all that the outside world has to offer.  Many have dreamed of world peace or a way out of poverty.  Homeless children have dreamed of a loving family.  The  elderly  have dreamed of an escape from loneliness and a caring hand or touch.  Business owners have dreamed of prosperity.  Then there are those with mental illness in nursing homes, hospitals and institutions that may have lost their ability to dream. There are baby boomers and youth that are dreaming of a job soon to come.  There are those looking for ways to get a good education and are holding onto the dream of success someday.  Scientist are looking for a cure for aging, cancer, global warming, and more ways to conserve energy.  The dreams go on.

A dream must be accompanied by hope.  Words of encouragement are important.  They can be found in books.  Words can be spoken by each of us or written in some form.  Actions can be seen.  We all, no matter what our circumstance, have something that we can give.  There may be times that our thinking may get a little off track.  You can inspire another by reaching out and listening or just giving a word of encouragement.

Last year I dreamed of retirement and living the easy life.  Dreams can change as our circumstances change.  This year, I have a new dream.  It may or may not come true but I have hope.  I would like to live and work in a senior facility helping the elderly.  I would like to watch them smile, listen to their stories, and give them encouragement during their final days.  I would like to give them a hug and allow them to hug me back.

Is it too late?  I think not.  It is never too late if you have HOPE!   I will always believe, and that is a choice, that Love is stronger than fear! As Martin Luther King said way back during the beginning of the baby boomer generation, ” I have a dream!”  Times may be different but with hope we have the ability to make our dreams or someone else’s a reality. I encourage each of you to not turn loose of your dreams.  Put action with your words, share your experience, strength and hope and make a dream come true.  After looking deep into your heart, take a moment and share with us all your very special dream.  Yes, baby boomers, we are aging but we still have the ability to dream and touch the lives of others in a positive way.

May each of you experience a special dream that comes true in your life during the year of 2012. Peace and love be with you as we continue in our baby boomer retirement age years.

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Expectations of Your Boomer Retirement

Baby Boomers have expectations of their retirement – but will they be enough to keep them engaged and satisfied with their retirement.

Everyone dreams of retirement and this helps to set the image of what your retirement will be like or could be.  This image is usually positive and worth looking forward to.  You can’t wait for retirement to start so you can live your dreams.

Your retirement dream may include moving to a 55+ community and playing golf every day, traveling, cruising around the world, enjoying friends and family, or getting a part time job.

When retirement finally arrives will it be like your dreams and will that keep you engaged and satisfied in living the retirement life you expected.

Some people after a taking the cruise and doing some golfing are then ready to go back to work.  Is this all there is.  I always feel sorry for these people, not because they like work, but because they do not see the possibilities of retirement beyond those pre-retirement dreams.  They do not  find their way past their fixed image of what their retirement should be and find new activities to fulfill what their job provided.

Most of the time these people do not know how to spend their time in retirement to give them meaning and fulfillment and even some structure.  Here are some new activities that will expand  your horizons beyond any previous expectations. These may surprise you but I encourage you to look into each. Some resources are listed at the end of this post.

1. Learning – gives you something to look forward, is fun and satisfying.  So many opportunities to learn are all around us to continue our personal growth.

2. Serving – helps you stay engaged and has multiple rewards. Volunteering and mentoring are but two of the favorites but many more ways of serving are available in organized and individual ways.

These will help in redefining your retirement, but if you still want to go back to work, start an encore career where you can apply your skills to something you are passionate about and maybe combines both learning and serving.

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