Surprising Age 55 Benefits

Surprising Age 55 Benefits

The benefits accompanying that 55th birthday are many, and some of these benefits may surprise you. Advantages of becoming a “senior” can include perks in just about every area of life: finances, health, transportation and travel, everyday purchases, fun, and even education. Here are a few of those perks that you may not know about:

· Reduced insurance premiums: Although many insurance companies view “getting on in years” as an insurance risk, at the age of 55 you qualify to take the AARP Driver Safety course, which can earn you a discount on your annual premiums. This discount is even mandated by law in some states. Contact the AARP or AAA (if you are a member) regarding this program.

· AARP Discounts: As a member of AARP (you can join at age 50), you can take advantage of many of the AARP Discounts that may surprise  you including travel, games, eye wear, free movies, insurance, restaurants, entertainment and much more.

· Lower property taxes: Okay, this benefit does not apply to 55-year-olds; you are still far too young to enjoy it! The Senior Citizens’ Exemption actually applies to some lower-income individuals age 65 and over. If you are 65+ and your annual income is $29,000 or less, you may be able to shave up to 50% off of the property taxes you pay on your primary residence – whether levied by county, school district, or city.

· Free continuing education: Thanks to the Senior Citizens’ Higher Education Act, after age 55 you may be able to take credit-earning college courses without paying any tuition. This benefit is also income-based: your taxable income in the previous year cannot have exceeded $15,000 to get the free courses. Even those seniors with more income get some benefit, though: they can audit a credit-earning course – or take a non-credit course – free of tuition.

· Active Adult Community:  At age 55 you legally qualify to live in a 55 plus community or active adult community.

· Senior Center: Many senior centers or as some of them are called “active adult centers” have age 55 requirements. Before you laugh, you should check out today’s senior centers in your neighborhood.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are also Silver Sneakers gym programs, prescription medication discounts, senior travel deals, and benefits at grocery stores, national parks, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, and many other locations. These offers for 55+ customers may not be publicized, so you should check with the local Chamber of Commerce, or simply flash your ID at your favorite businesses and ask, and you may be amazed at how much you can save.

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Thrifty Boomers Pays Off

Baby Boomers don’t necessarily buy cheap but many buy smart if they have been able to save money over the years. That might mean getting a name brand quality item for a great price. To save money, it usually means that they have sacrificed either time or money.

Baby Boomers watch their expenses carefully because this tough economy has zapped what ever retirement funds seniors have worked hard to accumulate and save, no one knows how much money they will need to retire comfortably and no one knows what physical impairment may keep them from earning an income and when that will come.  Everyone wants to retire comfortably with out much worry about money or health. We are not cheap, we are just knowledgeable from years of living and watching others before us struggle with economic situations.

I get it but younger generations sometimes don’t understand and it might not be their fault. Some times you can’t understand, till you experience. Have you ever told a friend a story and they just smile and nod but they didn’t really buy into what you were telling them? I think this has happened to all of us. On a later occasion, has your friend then told you a story of something that happened to them that was quite dramatic and very similar what you told them on an earlier occasion? They may or may not even make the statement “you told me something like this happened to you but it did not sink in until it really happened to me?” Point is that sometimes, no matter the age, we don’t get the point until we experience it and it happens to us.

With age usually comes wisdom so we boomers don’t have to experience everything to make rational, logical decisions. I don’t have to jump off my roof to know I might get hurt. Boomers, those 50+, retirees, those about to retire have the time and wisdom to search for the discounts, boomer discounts, senior discounts, weekly specials, sales and deals.

Baby Boomers don’t necessarily buy cheap but many buy smart if they have been able to save money over the years. That might mean getting a name brand quality item for a great price. To save money, it usually means that they have sacrificed either time or money. Many have lived their whole lives buying low quality, inexpensive and now they can afford to step up a bit with better quality and discounts. It might be clothing, cars, housing, vacations or just gifts for the children and grandchildren.

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