St. Louis Boomer Living

If you are considering city retirement or a wonderful vacation, I would suggest that you visit St. Louis. See why.

St. Louis is the city where I was born.  At age 5 my parents moved back to a small town in Arkansas.  Many of my memories as a child came from small town living.  Then at the age of 17, I returned to St. Louis to call it my home.  Most people think of St. Louis as a big city, which it is.  For those of us that live here, we include St. Louis counties, St. Charles counties, and even across the river in Illinois as St. Louis.  That makes St. Louis even a more desirable place to live.  There are a variety of things to enjoy as a resident in the area.  Within minutes you can cross the river and be in another state.  Just a short drive away is the state capital, Jefferson City.  Also it is very close to the beautiful Ozark mountains and Bagnell Dam area. Many residents of the St. Louis area, slip away to these areas for site seeing, boating, and lake fun.  Yes, there is much to be seen and enjoyed in St. Louis.  It is appealing for retirement living.

I can remember many enjoyable days spent in Forest park.  My children and I always enjoyed the zoo which is one of the largest in the United States.  The Science center, the Art Museum, and History museum are wonderful places in Forest Park to visit on a Sunday afternoon.  For night time entertainment in Forest Park, I love the Muny outside theatre.

The St. Louis Arch is a site to behold.  I remember watching as it was built.  My first time to the top of it was exciting.  The view for miles away was beautiful.  On the way I stopped at Union station.  The dining was wonderful there, not to mention the shops to visit.  Another place that I have enjoyed in down town St. Louis is the Bush Brewery.  The tour was fabulous.  I also remember my horse and buggy ride at Laclede’s Landing on the river front.  Some of the streets are build with old bricks as they were back in the day.  The landing offers great dining places, night clubs for music and just an all around wonderful time.

One other place that I have always enjoyed is Grants Farm.  Many couples take their grandchildren to enjoy the camels, elephants and other animals.  You can walk or ride the little train which is relaxing. Oh and speaking of trains, transportation is great in St. Louis with the Metro link and other transportation services.

Now I am sure everyone has heard of the St. Louis Cardinals.  The new stadium is very nice.  I have had the pleasure of watching many Cardinal games and even met some of the players back in the day.  There is nothing like being in St. Louis for a World Series.  It is a site to behold with people from everywhere wearing their Cardinal red.

Then there is the Sou lard district.  The Sou lard Market is huge with fresh vegetables and fruits.  At night the clubs come alive with great dining and music.  Once a year you can attend the Sou lard Marti Gras.  If you like to party then this is the place to be, not to mention the wonderful parades and etc.

I have also enjoyed many evening listening to poetry readings at Maryland plaza along with great places to dine with outside seating.  Another place that I would recommend for boomers to visit is the Loop.  It is a great time at Blue Berry Hill where many great bands such as Chuck Berry have entertained.  There is a variety of dining places at the Loop for every one’s enjoyment.

At the Fox Theater I have seen many performances and performers.  Phantom of the Opera and Amy Grant live were among my favorites.  On another occasion I went to one of Cher’s concerts downtown.  I was still rocking and rolling to her music a week later.

I just realized that there is no way that I could possibly write all the neat things that I have seen or that St. Louis has to offer in a blog.  There are parades, festivals, and any event that you can imagine.  You can shop until you drop, eat Italian food on the Hill, walk the Katie trail, or listen to the the orchestra at the Symphony.  St. Louis comes alive with everything during the holidays.  Just see for yourself on the 4th of July.  Some of the best entertainers can be found downtown for the three day event.  Yearly, I eat my way along the vendors stands on the street at the Strassenfest.  Yes, I love German food.

If you are considering city retirement or a wonderful vacation, I would suggest that you visit St. Louis.  Make sure that you allow plenty of time because you might want to visit the many casinos on the river front, which offer not only gambling but shows, shopping and great dining.  Can you believe that I have only touched upon just a bare beginning of what St. Louis has to offer.  I hope that you come and see for yourself.  Come expecting good things because you will find it St. Louis.  You may find that you love the spirit of St. Louis and check out the many retirement housing options that the area has to offer.

Originally posted 2012-03-29 11:12:40.