Subtraction Improving Boomers Lives

Subtraction Improving Boomer Lives

Subtraction means removing things and in this context means removing things from your life to improve it. What you remove from your life can be just as meaningful as what you add.

Most of our lives we were are adding things to improve our lives and happiness. We added cars, houses, boats, concerts, jewelry and all kinds of stuff. We also wanted to see and do as much as we could. For so long the more we added the more we thought it added to our happiness.

However after a lifetime of adding many baby boomers are now finding out how to improve their lives by subtraction, removing things.

Examples of Improving Their Lives by Subtraction

For example, Jim says he doesn’t like to watch TV anymore more. He doesn’t need those lights flickering in his face and the loud commercials and besides there is very little content of value to him anyway.

Ann is cleaning house and getting rid of a lifetime of stuff that was just sitting around. I don’t want my kids to have to go through all this stuff. With every load I take out I am feeling lighter and better.

John and Marie are selling their large home and downsizing to a moderate size ranch with basement. We don’t need or want a large home anymore. This will reduce the time and money needed for upkeep plus give them more livable housing that meets their needs better.

Tony has been a political junkie for a while and used to get real passionate about it. He has gotten out of that. He says “You are not going to change anyone’s mind. Besides both sides may be corrupt so what’s the use. I don’t think I want to change the world anymore. There are more positive and better things to do with my time.”

James says he quit following any sports teams. When the baseball players went on strike years ago that was the beginning of the end for him. I don’t need the hype before and during the games. Besides it’s hard seeing the huge salaries being paid these days to guys with awful attitudes getting into trouble all the time. I can do without professional sports.

Fred has his main house and two second home condos. The upkeep is expensive both time and money wise. He is thinking of selling them.

So rather than adding the above are some ways boomers are subtracting and improving their lives by doing so. These are just examples. Your subtraction will be different than mine. The important point to be aware of is that for many boomers removing is becoming more important than adding.

Examples of subtraction used to improve your life by reducing or avoiding risks are given in my post: Aging Boomers: Avoid These Downside Risks

In general subtraction can improve your life by: simplifies your live. Less to keep up with. Less risks. By removing things you can better focus on a meaningful life. Maybe you want to focus on enjoying nature, friends, family, travel, gardening, trips, museums, getting outdoors, volunteering, learning, and healthcare or whatever floats your boat. Removing things can let you focus on what you want to do today. That will improve your happiness for sure.

I think this concept is important so I am making the by line of this blog “Less work and things, more people and activities”.

Originally posted 2014-04-20 09:44:14.