AARP Vendor Spotlight: Toys “R” Us

AARP Vendor Spotlight: Toys “R” Us

At first you may be perplexed as some of the AARP vendors and wonder why on earth these vendors thought today’s 50+ crowd would be a great target market.  One of those is Toys “R” Us!  Not many of my 50+ contemporaries are into Barbie dolls, video games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or skateboarding, I think to myself. What was Toys “R” Us thinking?

But then it hit me: The vast majority of Americans over the age of 50 are grandparents! And what do grandparents like to do? Well, spoil grandchildren, of course – and spend time in child-friendly play and recreation with those justifiably-spoiled little angels. And, with a little more thought on the subject, I realized that many of our grandchildren actually live in our households – over 6.5 million of those grandchildren in the U.S. alone, as a matter of fact. As grandparents, we play a critical role in supporting our children’s learning, development, and achievement.

Much to Offer Grandparents

I learned that Toys “R” Us is very serious about reinforcing and supporting the role of grandparents in children’s lives. Toys “R” Us – and its subsidiary Babies “R” Us – even have a special “Grandparents’ Corner” resource on their websites, designed to help grandparents navigate the somewhat overwhelming catalog of products. The Grandparents’ Corner has links to pages specifically for “First Visits with Baby” (toys and baby items for newborns and new moms), “Capturing Memories” (Scrapbooking, photography and photo albums, et cetera), “Gifts for Inside Fun,” “Gifts for Outside Fun,” “Top Toy Picks” (favorites chosen by kids in each age group), and “Grand Projects” (creative activity kits to get grandparents and grandkids involved together).

Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us AARP Member Discounts

Of course, understanding that this grandparenting generation also loves to save money where we can, Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us are teaming with AARP to offer discounts at both stores to the 50+ crowd. AARP members can now save $5 on every purchase of $25 or more at either store – or online – every Monday through Thursday. We can miss the weekend crowds of tired parents and overexcited kids (nobody else’s kids are nearly as lovely as our own grandchildren, after all), and just by showing our AARP membership cards, can get discounts on the stuff those grandkids will love. There may be some excluded items such as diapers or formula, and most of the high-end electronics are not included in the deal, but that still leaves approximately 100,000 baby items, toys, games, arts and crafts kits, bikes, skateboards, sports equipment, dollbabies, and all of those fun add-on accessories made to go with the popular toys.

To get the Toys “R” Us AARP discount – just be a current member. For more information and a link to the Grandparents’ Corner, click here.