A Boomer Solution To Our Problems With Humor

Working Boomer escaping the problems pressing boomers and take a fantasy trip on treadmill?? Must read to understand.

There have been so many things written lately for boomers to do or not to do.  We should work past 65 years old, exercise to stay healthy, eat food to live to be 100, socialize more, take vacations, be good to our aging parents, help out our grown kids, take grand parenting classes and the list continues.  That is a lot on our plate but it has me going on this thinking thing.  First of all we need a quick fix.  After all time is limited!  Ready or not here is my solution….  I shall invent the Google Gollin, Face booking, Tweet twittering Exercise Treadmill.  It will go like this.

The new wonderful treadmill will make me rich fast.  It will come equipped with a large flat monitor on the treadmill that lays FLAT.  It will turn on immediately when you step up on the treadmill and hit start.   It will automatically go to ALL social media sites.  The screen will be very similar to the I Pad or I phone screen.  As you do your slower warm up then the pad will take you to a place that plays meditation music with the beauty of nature.

As your heart pumps faster then the screen will change to some great walking music tune from I tunes from Google+.  You can walk a mile in my shoes or dance the night away.  In addition,  just look at all that one could accomplish.  Just step up the beat a little faster and it will take you to places that you have never experienced like; a trip to Paris, site seeing in New York, or even an African safari.  Now if you really didn’t want to do that then you could WORK.  Yes, work!  Just imagine the things that you could do on the Internet.  You could write a blog, do customer service, advertise for your favorite charity, and even do a little preaching if you so choose.

Now of course if you were in the mood to get negative then you could tune into the latest news reports.  That might defeat the purpose of walking on the treadmill but then again who knows.  The news can really get my heart to pumping at times.  It would be a great place to work off the anger.

Of course there is always on line shopping.  Now with the holidays coming that could really save us a lot of time.  Also you could look up your favorite recipes. Then  you would be good to go.

Now for those of us that are dreaming of retirement, I suggest that you look at the site 55communityguide.com for a nice place to live.  Then if you are not into moving and just want to age in place then check out the senior centers in your area to learn, socialize, have fun and check out meals on wheels in case you become sick.  Now with all this new treadmill exercising I am sure that will not happen so maybe boomers it would be good to look up things for your parents.

After a good physical and mental workout of the my newly invented treadmill machine, you will feel marvelous!

Okay, so I have had a little bit of boomer humor here but why not.  It could make me rich.  You know though, I am already rich.  I am rich because I have love, life and you in my heart.  Now folks, why not add a comment and tell me what you have to be grateful for today?  I will start…  Workingboomer is grateful for a sense of HUMOR!  🙂

Originally posted 2013-11-17 20:50:33.