Working Boomer Refuses To Have Writers Block

Working Boomer was burning up the Boomer Places blog with her Boomer postings. Then experienced writers blog. But she remembered “SUIT UP AND SHOW UP”. The curse has been broken.

In the passed few weeks this Working Boomer has dealt with two snow storms, oral surgery and whatever else life had to offer.  I thought to myself, “Oh, what is wrong with me, I need to write but can’t think of a subject.  I haven’t been on an exotic vacation to Africa or won a million dollars in the lottery so what can I write about?  Maybe I had  developed a condition that I named writers block therefore I looked writers block up in the computer.  Well dog gone, I saw that condition already existed so I began to read.

In one place it explained that one could have this due to anxiety.  In another place it said that I needed to be inspired.  Then there was the place that said I needed to have good content when writing so that folks would not loose interest.  Another place stated this condition could last for years.

Now prior to reading all this, I read a lot of other good blogs by some very good bloggers who had been doing this for awhile.  I even read where people were giving tips on how to blog and write without getting discouraged. Other places suggested that I link to content.  One place I saw where I was suppose to get a professionals advice.

To sum this all up, I just want to say that prior to reading I thought that I was totally unique in having this thing called WRITERS BLOCK or maybe as a Boomer my brain was slipping or something.  Then I came across something that made sense to me.  I have a favorite saying which is, Suit Up and Show Up.  I read where it said to just sit down to write as a beginning.  So after all that reading I am right back with my favorite saying.  I suited up and showed up and here I wrote.  With all of this in mind I now realize that I have not lost my sense of humor, am not unique and there is nothing wrong with me.  So if any of you can relate to this please let me know because I REFUSE TO HAVE WRITERS BLOCK!  Can you relate? If so maybe I helped someone by letting them know they are not alone.  So folks if you are wanting to write just keep on smiling, profiling and most important just SIT DOWN AND WRITE.  🙂

Originally posted 2011-01-21 18:15:56.