Who ARE The Baby Boomers Today?

The name baby boomer was given to a group of people born in a certain era of time. They impacted today’s society. I would like to break that group down. I hope to be able to express likes and differences as individuals.

these are the baby boomers
Baby Boomers

The name baby boomer was given to a group of people born in a certain era of time.  They impacted today’s society.  I would like to break that group down. I hope to be able to express likes and differences as individuals.  Each boomer is different in his or her own way.  It would be impossible to touch on each one.  That would be better left to the individual to do during quiet time.  That special time of meditation when the person puts away ego and accomplishments would better be told by ones self.  The media portrays a picture of doers and happenings in boomer articles.  Some are negative. Others are positive. Then there are those that are just hanging out in the unknown.  This is a list of a few.  Maybe you will see yourself in this mesh of scenarios or maybe in the stillness while you read, you will allow yourself to just be.

  • You awakened this morning in the new retirement home that you and hubby just found in the small town of Ocala, Florida.  David, your husband, had the coffee brewing.  The television was on the news channel.  You listened.  The news reporter told of possible cuts in Medicare and Social Security.  Gas prices were up.  The national debt was out of control.  The phone rang.  It was the pharmacy on your answering machine.  Your heart medicines could not be filled because your insurance once again had denied them.  You must call your physician.  Felix, the cat stretched lazily over in the corner.  You looked out the window.  The shade tree seemed greener than yesterday.  David looked at you as you stretched.  He smiled.  The smile on his face was like a glow.  You felt the warm fuzzy in your stomach as you focused on the love in your heart for David.  You knew the comfort of being safe because you chose to stay just in the moment.  The moment consisted of the love that was there with David, the beauty of nature outside your window and the joy of just being alive one more day!
  • You looked out the window of your city apartment from the tenth floor.  There was no time to read the paper.  You were running late for that early morning job interview.  You must not be late.  After all, at age sixty, the last thing that you wanted was to miss an opportunity to seal the deal on a new career.  The rent was paid through next month.  You could not allow your mind to go any further.  You were one of those boomers having to start all over again.  It would not be the first time.  You had started over after the divorce from Mary Lou.   Your friend John had told you it would take awhile but you had made new friends.  You smile.  You walk out the door and lock the lock behind you.  On the elevator, you think to yourself, ” All will be as it is suppose to be, I am staying in the moment.”
  • Age sixty-four and you are sitting in your small cubical in what you call the cube factory.  You look at the computer.  You remember the beautiful office that you once had.  Oh how you loved that mahogany desk and the view from the office bay window.  The noise around you is getting louder.  This is NOT where you want to be.  Will that long awaited vacation time ever come?  Then your mind switches thoughts.  Next month you will be sixty-five.  You finally found that perfect age restricted apartment.  Finally you could do the laundry at home.  There would be no more trips to the laundromat because you had secured a villa.  Your heart begins to sing.  Your focus is back in the moment.  Life is life and it will be as it should be!

Who is the Baby boomer today?  It is you in all your uniqueness.  It is that special one that you are, not necessarily where you are, what you do or what you have.  You are a human being, not less than or more than, just THAT SPECIAL YOU!  Think about it.  Who is the Baby boomer today?  Is it you or what is outside of you?  Are we boomers really so different?


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Author: Robert Fowler

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