Baby Boomers Listen Up – There is Now a Website for all Your Senior Living Solutions

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The website, which just launched in August of 2014, is here to help guide you through the next phase in your senior living options. This site is far more than just a place to go for information on selling senior living solutions. There you will find step-bystep
guides, tips, advice and much more.

Should you want a brief introduction of the website, you can find one here with this short YouTube video, describing what the site has to offer you, your loved ones, and/or your caretakers.

The website was designed with seniors in mind. It is very user-friendly and the size of the text can easily be changed as needed. Once on the site, you can read about the, meet their team, find the latest company news, and even find career information – and that is only under one of the site’s

In addition, if you are a medical professional, family member, or caretaker of a senior, you will find tons of useful information as well. In fact, with only a few clicks, you can have the website tailored to
information that is geared towards you. Many have grown to rely on as a trusted and reliable source of information for senior living solutions.

If you are a baby boomer looking to enter the next phase of living, you will find the website has streamlined all the information spread out across the web and weeded out the misinformation. You will be
guided by simple to follow prompts that lead you to each of the questions you most likely have. For example, “Why Senior Living? Is it Time?” and “Where Do I Start?” are just a few.

Seniors, family, medical professionals, and caretakers will be able to interact with the website with quizzes, slideshows, and with the format of the site. In addition, there are a lot of tips,
articles, and informative videos that will guide you or your loved one in the right direction for his or her next step in their senior living options.

So, for anyone who has close interactions with baby boomers, or if you are a baby boomer yourself, be sure you visit this new website that has been created with you in mind. Become one of the informed seniors and knowledgeable about all you living options before taking that next step in life. You will be happy you did.

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Health Insurance

Life Insurance and Health Issues

Life Insurance and Health Issues

Typically, life insurance is most often associated with the protection it offers financially upon the event of death. However, most people don’t take into account that health complications can occur randomly and at a moment’s notice at that. Did you know though, that some life insurance policies are equipped with certain options that facilitate this?

What Happens if a Health Issue Arises?

With some policies there is the option that allows the policy holder to obtain part or all of the death benefit in the event of certain ailments. This enables not only you, but your loved ones as well, to divert the full brunt of the financial woes associated with treatment.

In fact, the expedited payments can be used for a number of financial implications including:

1.) The overall care of yourself. In other words, the advance payment can be used to cover the costs of paying a professional or even a family member to tend to your needs and care.

2.) Tending to life events. Money from your policy can be used towards paying somebody (usually a family member) to assist you in attending certain events, regardless of distance.

3.) Home modifications. Last but certainly not least, the money can also be used to help you remain where you are. In other words, modifications made to the home to make it more accessible.

As with any “perks” or policy changes, restrictions do exist in most cases. Aside from restrictions, policy holders must also meet specific qualifications in order to receive the death benefit prematurely. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you make sure your decision is the right one as it can have potentially-detrimental impact financially on your family, as well as yourself.

Can I Still Obtain Insurance After a Health Issue?

Encountering a health issue—minor or major—does not necessarily mean that you are uninsurable during or after the fact. Surprising yes, but most affordable health insurance companies, such as Health Net, are ready and willing to assist potential clients even if they suffer from major ailments such as cancer. However, because someone suffering from certain health issues presents more of a liability than say, a person with a clean bill of health, the insurance coverage will cost more.

While it may surprise some people, many insurance companies will provide life insurance to people who suffer from hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Naturally, coverage will cost more than it would for a person without such conditions. The Prudential Insurance Company of America and its affiliates has been underwriting life insurance policies for breast and prostate cancer survivors for more than 80 years so if this is a concern for you, they may be right for you.

Golf is a great outdoor game

Boomers Stay Active With Outdoor Games

Boomers Stay Active With Outdoor Games
Many of us boomers had indoor jobs all those working years and couldn’t really spend too much time outdoors. Now that we are retiring, it is a nice benefit of retirement to get outside. Many boomers are getting outside with outdoor games which provide fresh air, vitamin D, exercise and socialization with your fellow players.

Games played on a schedule give you a reason to get out of the house and get going. For example, my wife Mary Ann and I play Bocee every Monday and Wednesday at Park Place Adult Center and we look forward to playing every time. Senior centers provide an opportunity to join some of the outdoor games right in your neighbor.

Active adult communities have all kinds of outdoor games for boomers. We just spent a few days at Sun City Carolina Lakes outside Charlotte NC and here are some of the most popular outdoors games being enjoyed there. All of the pictures below were taken by me at Sun City Carolina Lakes.

Boomers Enjoy Golf, which is one of the most popular outdoor games ever.

Boomers enjoy playing golf.
Boomers enjoy playing golf.

Pickle Ball is an extremely popular outdoor game enjoyed by active baby boomers. Quite a social activity as well as great exercise.

Pickleball at Sun City Carolina Lakes
Pickleball at Sun City Carolina Lakes

Tennis of course is enjoyed everywhere by boomers and remains one of the most popular outdoor games.

Tennis at Sun City Carolina Lakes
Tennis at Sun City Carolina Lakes

Bocce Ball is a great social game and can be played by anyone. This one is my favorite.

Bocce Ball is a great outdor game
Bocce Ball

Softball is another very popular game with boomers when a playing field is available like in a recreational park or active adult community. This is a great team sport and boomers love to dress up in their uniforms, rallying their team mates, and tail gating.

Softball is a popular outdoor game for boomers
Softball is a popular outdoor game for boomers

There are many more outdoor games like horseshoes. volleyball, basketball, badminton, croquet, corn hole, ladder golf and others. These are many organized outdoor activities other than games for individuals like walking clubs, running, boating, fishing, swimming, bide riding and others.

Why Boomers Enjoy Outdoor Games?

Boomers are getting involved with these outdoor activities to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and meet new friends.

For more information about where to find outdoor games, visit Senior Center Directory, Active Adult Communities.

Find a beautiful Del Webb community like Sun City Carolina Lakes.

Tennis Class
Tennis Class

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