A Passion For An Active Life

We only moved into the Del Webb Community north of Atlanta two weeks ago but I already have noticed something interesting. People are really passionate about their activities.

For example, I attended a meeting of each of these clubs where the passion was on display with the members. They really get into it, going into details beyond what I thought. The degree of passion and zest they have for these activities was surprising. The club members could be professionals in these activities but in most cases they are doing it not for money but because they love doing it. They give their attention, time and resources to these activities to be the best they can be.

Here are the clubs I attended during the first two weeks.

1. Photographers – Ralph the instructor is a professional photographer and resident. Before the meeting,  the members were gathering around Ralph who was showing them the coffee table book he had just published of his photos of this trip to Iceland. The professional quality book was great and had wonderful photos. Wow!

Boomer PhotographerThere were 12 members present and they had an assignment the week before to photograph a subject (old log cabin nearby) and then to edit the image using the editing software they had been learning. Ralph used a slide projector to show the images and it was explained how they were edited. Suggestions were made for other edits and improvements. The members were really into it!

2. Coin Collecting – Next up I attended the Coin Collectors meeting. A resident who was a former stock broker showed us a list of coins he just had Hertiage Coins auction off. The list totaled $90,000 in value. These were his duplicates. Several interesting tips were discussed included how to get an appraisal to donate your collection to a charity rather than selling and then donating the money, an update on the coin market including demographic changes affecting it, avoid cleaning coins and more. One member had some inherited gold coins and suggestions were given as to how to value them.

medal collectingAt the end of the meeting I was chatting with some members about other things we collect.  I told them about my collection of Nineteenth Century Exposition Medals.

A fellow told us about his collection of antique movie posters which was on display in a show in Wisconsin.  These members really get into it!


3. Dancing – Mary Ann and I started the beginner line dancing class which follows the intermediate class and the advanced class. Getting to class early we watched the intermediate class finish up and they were good! The members then took off their dancing shoes and put of their street shoes. They were laughing and excited even after an hour of dancing. Later I spoke with a neighbor who is a member of this ballroom dancing club. When I told him we were learning the Waltz line dance he wanted to know the song we danced to and when I was not forthcoming with the answer he suggested three waltz songs, actually singing two of them to help me remember. These members really get into it!

Book Free To Fly4. Writers Group – This may be the most interesting group I attended. Three days ago I attended the writers group and at the coffee pot before the meeting, I met fellow resident William Cassill who recently released his first book, which tells the true story of a remarkable friendship between a mallard duck and a snow goose. “Free To Fly” is about his experiences while running a Vermont country inn with his wife. I had just read about this book. Wow.


The meeting included about 9 residents and all were writers, authors of books or writing a book. One resident owns a books store and showed us several books she had published or help publish including information on the publishing companies and cost. A member passed out three of her short stories to be reviewed. The group is looking to start a web site to display their writings and books and I shared some ideas with them. I have been spending some time thinking about web site ideas to share in our next meeting.

Boomer AuthorsA member suggested the group take the on-line course “Start Writing  Fiction” and the members including me agreed to start this course and share our first short story with the class next meeting. The Writers Group meets every Thursday from 9:30am until 11am. I was surprised they meet every week, but I see that this is a very active group. These members really get into it!

These are only 4 clubs out of nearly 100 clubs at The Village at Deaton Creek. I can see right now that you cannot possibility do it all. But it is exciting to know choosing the clubs that really interest me will give the opportunity to get involved like these folks do with something I am passionate about.

This is going to be fun! That is why we moved here.
Robert and Mary Ann Fowler

Halloween Costume Parties For Baby Boomers

I first noticed how we Boomers like to dress up for Halloween when we took a 15 day cruise to Hawaii and on the return trip to LA we had a Halloween party on the ship.  Everyone had on a Halloween costume from the passengers to the ships crew.  Everyone was really enjoying the evening and the grand finale  was a contest to see who had the best costumes.  That was something to watch.

Our Boomer friends love to go to those Halloween costume party contest in bars and see if they can win some prize money.  They had a really unusual costume.  He is the electrical plug and she is the receptacle.  Here is a photo I took of them when they came over to my house on the way to one of the contest.  They won $150.

Halloween for Boomers

Getting back to the Halloween party, here I am on the left as a cat burglar with a badge arresting some escaped convicts.   Hey, who said this had to make sense.   boomers on halloween

More Boomers Costumes at Halloween

I know it’s just a mask but this was one of the scariest costumes and the guy was playing the part too.  I think a different personality comes out when you dress up like this.

halloween costumes for baby boomers

These ladies were having fun, maybe a little too much fun.

Halloween boomer ladies

Ideas for trendy Boomer Halloween costumes for 2015 are dressing up as Adult Vampire Partysuit, Captain America,  Zombies and Hungry Games.  Also Boomers costume likes include politicians of course and Donald Trump’s hair will be interesting, but boomers like to dress up as hippies and rock stars too.  Nostalgia is great for  Boomer Halloween costumes, how about Bettlejuice, Sonny and Cher, Captain Kangaroo or Spock from Star Trek.  For him dressing as Zorro and for her Cat Woman. Adult baby boomer costumes are interesting too. Of course there is always the popular prisoner costumes.

With the new Stars Wars movie coming out this week, maybe the Jedi Robe, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and Luke Skywalker costumes will make a comeback.

Other Halloween costume theme to consider is animal themes, horror costumes and superhero costumes.

The Adult Ultron Muscle Costumes – Avengers: Age of Ultron look interesting.

What will be your Halloween costume this year?

Top Sexy Women Halloween Costumes for 2015 at Party City
Top Mens Halloween Costumes for 2015 at Party City

By Robert Fowler

Book Review: Redeye Fulda Cold by Bill Fortin

Boomer Book Review
Redeye Fulda Cold
By Rick Fontain

This week I read an interesting book titled Redeye Fulda Cold that would especially appeal to any US Military Veterans, especially those who were drafted during the Vietnam War Era.

It’s the story of Rick Fontain, a kid who got drafted into the US Army in 1968, who with the help of a clerk friend was fortunate enough to get assigned to training for a new missile system called “Redeye”.  Being on the ground floor of the roll out of “Redeye” presented Rick with many opportunities and adventures.

Rick’s story hit home with me since I was drafted in January 1971, less than three years after he was drafted and I too was assigned to a post in Germany just like he was.

Rick takes us every step of the way from the send off from the draft board, the induction haircut, basic training and the offers he refused of advanced training if he would extend his enlistment.  I and any Veteran who was drafted during that time will have their own memories, which will surly be brought to mind as you read this book.

We all did a lot of living in a short two years of our lives in the US Army, no matter what your assignment was. The characters we met and the friends we made will always be remembered. The places we traveled to opened our minds to new things in a hurry. It was an exciting adventure.

Redeye Fulda Cold bookA lot of research was put into this book. The author must have made some good notes to portray this story in such a good manner. This is not an imaginary spy novel but a story of real life adventures that us Army draftees will strongly relate to.  Even though Rick was a draftee, he was certainly 100% US Army in spirit and deeds and took a lot of pride in his job and the relationships he built.

We know how the Army really works and Rick did too. Things get done in unconventional ways, yet in a structured organization with many rules.  Who you know and chance play a big part.

Redeye Author Bill Fortin
Redeye Fulda Cold Author Bill Fortin

If you were in the US Military during the last 60’s and early 70’s definitely pick up a copy of Redeye Fulda Cold and get ready for a exciting yet comfortable story you will relate to.

Find out more about the book on Amazon.



Robert Fowler
US Army Veteran
Wurzburg, Germany 1971-72

Above photo I took in Wurzburg Germany 1972.