Tips on How to Travel Safe This Summer

If you are a retired boomer like Mary Ann and I, then you are probably doing 4 or 5 trips a year now that you have the time.  Travel while you can is our motto.

Having no children or relatives at home, we do wonder how secure things will be while we are gone on one of our trips.  With Summer trips coming up, it is a perfect time to think about this and do some planning.

This morning I saw this:

Some AARP Tips on How to Travel Safe This Summer

  • Protect your home:  Unplug all major electronics and lock all your windows. Also, have a friend keep an eye on your home. If something goes wrong have a home repair service on speed dial. AARP members get 20% off HomeServe USA home repair plans.  A security system can also add a little peace of mind. If you don’t have an alarm system now is the perfect time to buy one, AARP members get 20% off ADT installation and $2 off monthly monitoring.
  • Protect your finances: According to a survey on identity theft 18 percent of respondents said they have had sensitive information lost or stolen while they were traveling. More than a quarter (27 percent) of all respondents said they brought their Social Security cards with them on their trip. One suggestion is for travelers leave their valuables in their hotel room in a secure location. Only bring what you need. Also, be wary of putting your personal information in public computers, many record key strokes. If you are still concerned, AARP members can get 13 percent off custom ID protection through AARP Identity Theft Protection.
  • Plan ahead: Make copies of your travel documents. Buy travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip or something gets lost. Also, make sure you have access to a phone while traveling in case of emergencies. Mostly importantly, tell a close friend your travel arrangements. Make sure this person can deal with any emergency situation.

These are good tips that may help us baby boomers during our travels.  Be prepared and have a safe Summer!

Robert and Mary Ann Fowler


Florida Boomers Head to Miami for Life@50+ Event in May 2015

We were just down in Florida visiting The Villages last month now we’re heading back to Florida to attend the AARP’s Life@50+ Event in Miami May 14-16. I bet this event will have lots of Florida 50+ folks attending.

We found out there are 110,000 people living in The Villages near Orlando and everyone there would be 50+ and ideal candidates to make the trip down to Miami to attend the three day Life@50+ event. In fact Florida has more retirees than any state so having the Spring AARP event in their state is a big plus.

I have attended Life@50+ events myself for the last two years and have written about the reasons you may want to consider attending this year Life@50+ in Miami. See my post here: Reasons to Attend Life@50+.

My wife Mary Ann and I plan to take the trip down from Atlanta to Miami to attend Life@50+ Miami and already started making our plans. You can check out the list of speakers and celebrities who will be there as well as register here on 2015 Life@50+ National Event & Expo in Miami- AARP site.

We have found we enjoy the travel as well and get to experience a new city for a few days. We always take a city tour and sample the local restaurants and that makes the trip even better. Hope to see you there, I will be the guy with the Retirement Media Inc. hat on.

Robert and Mary Ann Fowler

Boomers: What To Do While Visiting The Villages in Florida

Thousands of people visit The Villages in Florida each year, some staying with relatives, some visiting on the Lifestyle Preview Plan like we just did and many others renting a home in The Villages.

There is something to do everyday that every baby boomer will find fun. Here are some tips and places to visit during your stay.

1. Pick up a copy of The Villages Daily Sun newspaper, especially the Thursday edition with the Recreation News and schedule for the week.

Sumter Square The Villages
Sumter Square

2. Visit and walk around all three town squares,  Lake Sumter Landing which borders Lake Sumter and has a Florida seaport theme and is located centrally.  There is the original town square of Spanish Springs on the South side. The newest town square of Brownwood with a wild west theme is on the North side.  All three town squares are very walkable and have restaurants, shops and a movie theater. Also there is live entertainment in each square every night of the year!

town square
town square

3. Take a Guided Trolley Tour. Leaves from the sales office at Lake Sumter Landing every day, usually each hour but call ahead.

boat tour at Lake Sumter
boat tour at Lake Sumter

4. Take a Boat Ride of Lake Sumter. It’s only a few minutes but has an interesting and funny guide to narrate.

5. Schedule a Tee Time on the many golf courses in The Villages by visiting or just call the Sales Office.

6. Enjoy a dinner at some of the wonderful restaurants in The Villages, many located close by the town squares or in the Professional Plazas and Shopping Centers. We loved the Athens NY Restaurant in Spanish Springs and in Lake Sumter Landing we loved Toojay’s Gourmet Deli, City Fire on the Square, and Thai Rudy which was our favorite.

7. Go for a walk in this very walkable place. You feel safe no matter where you go. The squares are a good place to start and all the side streets off the squares, The Villages Parks, along any of the roads and even in the communities. This will give you a good idea of life in The Villages too.

talking in The Villages
talking in The Villages

8. Talk with people, whether they are residents or visitors, everyone is friendly and glad to tell you about life in The Villages or how they are liking their visit.

9. Visit a weekend special event, held every weekend in the town squares and sometimes at the Polo Fields or other venues. A Classic Car Show, a Hobby Craft Show and a Horse Pull was happening when we visited.

10. Visit the Recreation Centers.  A fun and interesting one to visit is the Eisenhower Recreation Center which is decorated by military veterans and their families.

The Villages radio station
The Villages radio station

11. Listen to WVLG Radio, 640MA radio, which is The Villages own radio station.  Awesome music especially in the evenings.

12. Of course you can watch The Villages TV channel also for events and activities.

13, Go to happy hour. It starts at 11:30AM, no kidding. Two for one.

Pickellball in The Villages
Pickleball in The Villages

14. Play Outdoor Games. bocce, pickleball, tennis, shuffleboard, or numerous other outdoor games. You won’t have trouble finding people to play with.

15. Play Indoor Games,. cards of all sorts, board games, you name it, it’s available.

golf carts at The Villages
golf carts at The Villages

16. Drive a golf cart. Tour the 55+ communities in The Villages, visit your town square or just go to the grocery store. There are 60,000 golf carts in The Villages! A golf cart probably comes with your rental, if not, you can rent one.

We only stayed one week and enjoy a little of all the above. I can only imagine staying a month or two like many visitors do.  Or better yet, maybe move to The Villages and make it your home. That’s what a lot of Baby Boomer visitors come around to doing. Be forewarned!

The Villages Daily Sun Online



The Villages attire
The Villages attire