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Boomer Blogs

Baby Boomer Blogs

Robert Fowler with Retirement Media and Ann Hearn have visited a lot of baby boomer blogs.  Ann says:  In coming up with a list of boomer blogs we like Ann says “This is a difficult task since I read so many blogs for a variety of reasons. Some for content, some for enjoyment, some to learn, some to be inspired or motivated and some for good information. I will attempt to list a few but there are many more with good reasons to visit.”

So with that in mind here are some of the boomer blogs and boomer web sites we find most enjoyable to visit.  We are not calling this list the best boomer blogs or top boomer blogs.  We just made a list mostly for ourselves.  Just call it a boomer blog bookmark if you like.  We have made some notes about each blog in case one interests you.

Baby Boomer Blogs We Like

Please note that we have moved to a separate page our Boomer Travel Blogs. Check it out because it is great!

Better After 50 | Real Women – Real Stories. Real women over 50, real stories. Join the conversation – join our community and write articles or post in our forum. Sex, menopause, finance, aging parents, love, loss and more.

Active Adult Living is my new blog. Check it out!

Time Goes By – Some of the best writing anywhere on what aging is really like.

Dave Bernard

Retirement – Only the Beginning By Dave Bernard, this baby boomer blog has the tag Retirement Planning Beyond Financial.  This boomer blog gives lots of encouragement and has a positive forward looking focus to an active, engaged retirement with fun loving activities to enjoy in this stage of life.  How to find your passion in retirement. Professionally written boomer blog that will be useful in planning your retirement.  Has great links in the “blogs I like” section.   I ready like this blog. – Robert

Marc and Angel Hack Life This blog has the byline “Practical Tips for Productive Living” is modest but this blog is inspiring and thought provoking. It has amazingly consistent high quality content!  – Ann & Robert

Aging Abundantly | A trusted venue for services by and for women over fifty
Maybe my favorite boomer blog.  – Ann

Lisa Carpenter

Grandma’s Briefs – On life’s second act – Lisa Carpendar gets around for a grandmother! She provides and informative and entertaining blog for grandmothers, grandparents, baby boomers and empty nesters. I met Lisa at Lifeat50 at she is a neat lady!


Retirement: A Full-Time Job – Managing retirement takes some effort and this blog will help; especially with the important financial stuff like will my money last, how much can I take out each year, and many other great tips.   -Robert

Boomer Grandparents was created to provide a sharing place for Baby Boomers who are experiencing the joys and challenges of grandparenting in this high-tech world.

Create Healing and Love Now Blog – Dr. Erica Goodstone’s blog encourages us to heal with love. One thing she always reminds us to do is not to forget to love ourselves. -Ann

Blogging for BoomersBlogging by baby boomers is hugely popular and this site tells you how to do it.  Tips about how to make your boomer blog rock.

Any Shiny Thing Blog – A Discussion of Middle Age and Beyond.  Lynne writes a blog that tells it like it is for those that have reached middle age. Lynne is a great writer, a grandmother and enjoys what she does.

Feisty Side of Fifty/Baby Boomer Women Eileen does it all! She will motivate you and tell you how to get a job. Not only that, after reading her blog you will be jumping for joy to be a baby boomer woman.

Stan Cohen

ChiForLiving – Stan Cohen says it is never to late to start getting fit, despite your age or capability. Stan uses his experiences instructing classes at the Warren County NJ senior center and other places to provide information we can all benefit from.

If you have a  favorite boomer blog list it in the comments below to share with us.
Stay tuned for more great baby boomer blogs.

What is a baby boomer blog?  Well for our purposes most of the blogs we visit are written by baby boomers and has content mostly for baby boomers.  Most of these baby boomer blogs are owned and written by individual baby boomers, not large corporations.  Baby boomer blogs are popular because baby boomers are finding that writing is fun and they have many boomer stories to tell, plus socialize with new friends.

Oh, there are more baby boomer blogs to check out.  For example, if you came directly to this page, click Boomer Places for our site.  By Robert Fowler