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Boomers Doing the Zumba Dance at Active Adult Centers

I could see from my upstairs home office the UPS delivery truck was in the driveway when I heard our door bell ring.  I jumped up to get the door but my wife Mary Ann was already in the foyer.  I will get it, it is for me said Mary Ann enthusiastically.  This is not our normal deal, the one where Mary Ann answers the phone and I answer the door.

Later I come downstairs to have a cup of tea and see Mary Ann has unpacked the contents of the mystery package which was delivered.  It is  dance shoes.  She has tried them on and walking around to break them in.  She even does a little dance step routine on our new hardwood floor in the family room.  She is excited.  They fit good and look good (see photo).  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as dance shoes.

The week before we visited our new Johns Creek Active Adult Center and Mary Ann signed up for the Zumba Gold class, a six week session meeting every Tuesday.  Zumba, the brochure says, “is a fun workout for anyone, any age, any ability and Zumba Gold was created for the older active adult .  It combines Latin and international music with a safe and effective workout system creating a dance workout with a party like atmosphere!  Come check out the hottest fitness party in town!”

She attended the first class and came home pretty much exhausted and excited about the class. She said she couldn’t believe how stiff she was. (I think this class will remedy that!).   But this is going to be fun exercise that you look forward to doing.

There was about 10 other dance members. The age is 62 plus. She talked with another lady in the class who said she plans to come back next week also.  The instructor told the attendees about how “dance shoes” would make it so much better for them than using gym shoes, thus the package.

Mary Ann’s dance class is a good example of the purpose  of Active Adult Centers and that is to get you up and active and doing something fun with potentially new friends.  Meanwhile I am looking over the schedule of active adult programs and activities to see what interests me.  So far the walking club and the book club look good.

If you haven’t been to an Active Adult Center you need to find one in your neighborhood and check it out.  You may be glad you did, just like Mary Ann did.

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