Boomers Take the AARP Driver Safety Class

AARP Driver Safety Class
AARP Driver Safety Class

Well I took the AARP Driver Safety Class yesterday at the Johns Creek Active Adult Center.   It was a six hour class attended by a small group of six and professionally taught by a retired school teacher volunteer. I would say three boomers and three seniors.

I had heard different things about this class, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.  The obvious reasons for taking the class are to get a 10% premium discount on your auto insurance (if you don’t have any tickets in the last three years),  to get up to date on your driving skills and safety, and just because it is an enjoyable thing to do, which is reason enough in retirement.

Robin on Facebook asked me what I learned and I replied:  1. Keep three seconds between you and the car in front 2. adjust your side mirrors so that you can’t see the side of your car 3. Position your grip on the stirring wheel at the 4 and 8 position. I had always had my hands on near the top of the wheel.

Those are just the highlights; there was so much material they give you a nice AARM Driver Safety Program participant workbook with the information spelled out very nicely.

They pointed out that much has changed since we started driving.  Back then we didn’t have seat belts and cars didn’t even have a side mirror.  Do you remember that?  The headlights were very poor and beamed only straight ahead with a narrow focus.  Cars were loud, smelly and overheated radiators and flat tires were a part of many road trips.  Oh, the good ole days!  But people did take their time and we courteous.

A few items I noted during the class to check out are:
1. Amber tinted sun glasses, as they are good in sunlight.
2. Full rear view mirrors and those small rounds mirrors for the side mirrors
3. Try the Driver’s Test for Reaction Time and other Senior Driving Games  Try the sheep games, it’s fun and interesting and see how you did.
4. Failure to yield the right of way is the number one problem of senior drivers.

In summary,  I enjoyed the class and I think everyone should take it.  The course is for anyone over age 50, which includes just about all of us baby boomers.  When you quit being a road warriors doing to work everyday, things change in you outlook about driving. You are not as aggressive and in such a hurry to get someplace.  Your driving skills may be refreshing.