As Boomers Let Go We Live

There are many meanings to the term, letting go.  In one sense it means to let go of a thought, resentment, or feeling that is creating a negative feeling within us which is detrimental to our emotional well being.  Sometimes, we as boomers, have had to let go of people, places and things in order to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually more healthy.

As time goes by we learn to let go of our children as they leave the nest.  Some of us have let go of jobs, family ties, friends, houses, and many other things.  Ours lives are on a continual path of letting go change.  With every letting go there is a new journey to explore and a new path to take.  It is a process that each individual learns and works out in his or her own time.  Sometimes it comes easy and at other times it is not.  It is a part of life.

Letting go can be exciting and other times painful.  It can be an ending which can lead to a new beginning.  It can be an adventure to settle with the past. Letting go can free us into the present.  It is a step toward the future.  It can be the beginning of growth and strength.  Letting go allows us to be free to experience new ways of thinking. We then can challenge what is here in the now.  Letting go can make room in our minds for new ideas, creativity and new possibilities.  It opens our hearts to others.

I remember earlier on in my life saying, “I am tired of letting go.”  Letting go to me at that time meant loss therefore I had to change my thinking as I  learned that letting go can also mean a new beginning.  It can lead to peace, joy, harmony, maturity, and a sense of ease that can only be explained by the individual that is experiencing it.  It can have positive results not only for us but for those around us as we grow in acceptance of what is.  We then have the opportunity to open our hearts to another chapter of life.  As boomers we may be learning to become grandparents after the roll of being parents.  We let go of old ways that we use to do things and allow our grown children to now be in charge.  Then there other boomers that still may be in the process of allowing those grown children to become the adults that they are while the children face their own responsibilities.

We may have had to relocate to new areas.  Some of us have let go of houses and down sized to apartment living.  Other boomers may have moved into their children’s homes and  let go of ownership.  Then others have had to learn to let go of old ways of thinking about retirement, health, travel and many other things.

Life if full of letting go but the important thing is to remember that it can be seen as a new beginning.  It is part of boomer living. As one chapter ends another begins.  Nothing is forever.   Everything is for a reason.  We as boomers continue to learn about letting go. We can free ourselves to be in the present moment.  We let go of fear and replace it with faith.  We learn and continue to learn so that we can enjoy peace within.

Try it today.  Just let go and be free!  Challenge your mind to a new and positive way of thinking.  Let go of a negative feeling.  Be alive and Live!  Sing a song! Take a walk! Dance in the rain!   Play music!  Paint a picture! Go inside your heart to that quiet place and truly, “LET GO!”